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5 Steps to conducting a Facebook Page Audit

After a series of my posts on social media optimization for business and brand projection, a couple of vendors and individuals reached out to me. Part of their inquiry was how best to conduct a Facebook Page Audit: revamp their wall to better reflect their new aspirations and business focus.

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That is why I have chosen to write on this and educate the interested ones and others who might need the information.

What is a Facebook page audit?

A Facebook audit simply means the process of reviewing your timeline using key metrics, to better access growth, opportunities and improve your presence. It is also you developing and projecting your digital presence to better reflect your new business focus.

I have compiled 5 key positions you should look at to review your Facebook to optimize it to suit new digital standards.

This is a long read so if you’re a lazy reader, you should quit at this point.

1. Keep your profile complete and standardized

One of the first things you should take a look at is your name. Is it brand-worthy? If you were a prospect, would you buy from you? I’ve stated this before. Nothing beats having your legal name on your wall. If you must change it, then it should at least be a name that you can develop into a legal brand name.

Have a good Bio. Don’t put sentences like ‘I snub’ or others. If you cannot write a catchy phrase for yourself, use AI writing tools to do so.

Your cover photo. If you cannot by yourself create a good cover photo for yourself, please get a graphics designer to do one. 

Your Facebook highlight should be your mini digital portfolio. If you are a vendor, create an archive of reviews in one highlight, create another of your sellable products, create another of testimonials.

Your about should be well-defined. This is what I term ‘the vanity wall’. If you do not get anything right, please get this one right. If you do not have what to put there, keep it short and simple. For instance, I get mine to the barest minimum. Just my location. My pinned post and bio better detailed what I do and my portfolio. 

If you choose, you can add your work details. Past and present jobs. You can also add your education. Whatever rocks your boat. It is why I call it the vanity wall. But please, and please get it right. Do not add nonsense like works at self-employed or lives at Ikeja, London. Behave yourself, please.

2. Look the part

One of the reasons why certain profiles look attractive to you is because they have built their profile to look premium. 

For starters, your profile picture should project class or at least ooze intelligence. Brand imagery that gives off a professional look is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Get a standard profile picture and a very good, well-designed cover photo. It is not for you to use your church banner as a cover photo or one of those funny-looking frames.

Clean up your wall. I know before now, a lot of us barely knew we would be using social media for business, so all we had was basically a friends list filled with ex-classmates, family members and acquaintances. If you must look the part, you have to be brutal in cleaning up your wall. If those categories of people would not aid your cause, get them off your list.

Part of your wall clean-up is revamping your tags and shares. If you’re guilty of having posted a lot of rubbish on your wall and been tagged along with 99 others on mundane posts, it’s time to correct all of that. Head to your Facebook settings, click on profile and tagging and set according to preference. If possible, delete those old posts. This is a new you. 

Your wall should be aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye. If you must, get a well-defined writing style with a customized hashtag.

3. Figure out what you stand for and work to get those audiences.

From this point, you should have an idea of what you want to be. If it is a content creator, influencer and internet vendor. If you’ve decided, the next step is to add people along those lines. Join groups of those categories of persons. Network, engage people and add friends. Those are your very first audience. It is these people that would engage your beginning posts, encourage you and patronize you. From here, you can develop into a large following. 

I usually tell people content comes before the audience. But you see, there’s nothing bad in having a little support system and network before you begin. You already know what you want. Get in touch and interact with people along those lines, so they can be familiar with you. When you are ready to launch, you would not be a new face and there would be a few supporters to encourage and criticize you.

4. Be consistent with quality and engaging content.

Excellent content will eventually attract people and keep them coming to you. The only thing you have to do is show up. Be consistent. Do not relent and always try to keep things fresh. Align your content, products and services with the audience you have built.

You cannot have a lot of spiritual folks on your timeline, people largely made up of your church people and think you want to sell aphrodisiac products. You will not sell. Share new content about your industry and niche.

Try to drop tips and teach people new things they might not know. Encourage conversation by replying to comments and having a personal rapport with your audience.

5. Interact and liaise with other brands for growth.

No man is an island. For you to grow, often try to network and relate with other people. If you’re a vendor, get associated with other vendors. Make posts and mention them, be active on their walls. This way, they would in turn post you and relate with you. As a content creator, others would as well post you on their wall, promote and hype you up when the need arises. You are not a big celebrity yet. Even those engaged in the walls of their contemporaries. You should too.

When you’re able to run through all of these, then you are on your way to digital and social media growth.

Cheers to your success.

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