Career Guide
How to start a Hairstyling Career in the United States

Starting a hairstyling career in the United States requires different processes, but first I will be briefing you on the basics of the profession. The ...

Earn in Dollar: Top 5 Online Skills that Pays you in USD

Whether a student in need of a side job or a working class in need of additional high-paying jobs, this article will provide you with top online skills that ...

How to register Business with CAC | Step-by-step Guide

In Nigeria, business registration process is now quite easy and straightforward, business owners and entrepreneurs can set up their brand and business easily ...

5 ways to make money online as a Nigerian Student

There are quite a number of services you can provide and products you can sell that can earn you significant income as a student, as it is only right to ...

List of Vocational skills in Nigeria- 7 Major Skills you can learn 

Are you thinking of learning a vocational skill, but you don’t know how to go about it? This article is mainly for you, we will guide you through the list of ...

Is Communication a Skill worth learning? See how much Communication Experts Earn

Is Communication a Skill worth learning? One of the most effective and useful skills in present times is Communication. The ability to communicate ...

5 Reasons why Communication is Important as a Skill

Reasons Why Communication is Important as a Skill- Communication is just as important as living itself, it is one of the essential interpersonal skills we ...

Making money with Twitch: Top 5 Hacks to Follow

To start making money with Twitch, you need to first understand what Twitch is. Twitch is an online streaming platform, it's a place where millions of people ...

Starting your Fashion Journey: Free Education for Fashion Design

Starting your fashion journey could never be accomplished without first understanding what fashion designing entails. Fashion designing is the art of using ...

5 Wealth Creation Skills in 2022: Skills you Need to Start Learning

The situation of the employment market is drowning and difficult for individuals, especially youths, to get well-paid jobs. It is therefore not advisable as ...

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