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This page will answer the questions you have about the several activities on Future Syllabus

How to register

To create an account, click this link and submit the following details as requested on the page.

  1. First Name: Type your first name
  2. Last Name: Type your last name
  3. Username: Type your nickname or any other unique name
  4. Email: Type your email address here. Make sure it is written correctly.
  5. Password: Type what you want to use as your password.
  6. Password Confirmation: Type the password once again. This is used to verify that you know what you typed earlier.

When you are done, click on Register. If successful, you will be taken to your dashboard. If it says that your username or email already exists, just try to login with your details.

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How to login

To login, click here then insert the Email Address and the Password that you submitted while creating your account.

If you can’t remember your username or password and typed the wrong thing, click on the “Forgot?” Button to reset it.

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Trying to create an account with us and you got the error that says “Sorry, that email address is already used”?

It simply means an account with the email already exists on our system. All you need to do is try to login with the email address and the password that you just set.

If you do not remember the password, please click on Forgot Password to reset it.

How to enrol in a new course

This video explains how to enrol in a new course on Future Syllabus


How to log in to Future Syllabus and Start learning

This video below shows you how you can login to Future Syllabus and start accessing your enrolled courses.

The videos will definitely play. However, if the network on your side is bad, it may take a little while for the video to load.

Just click on the big play button at the centre or the smaller one at the left-hand side and wait for the video to load and start playing.

Also, make sure you are using browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Phoenix etc. People using Opera Mini have had a difficult time accessing the videos.

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Every lesson in a course on Future Syllabus allows you to drop comments and ask questions. All you need to do is to select the Comment tab and write. We will be right there to reply.

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On most of our paid courses, you will find the Buy Now button. With this payment method, you can pay directly with your cards or transfer using our payment partner (Paystack). This is the fastest payment method.

If the course in question offers a certificate, kindly complete the course curriculum and check the course page. Once the course progress reaches 100%, you will see a button that says, View Certificate, as shown below. Click the button and wait till the certificate loads for you. You can then download, print or share.

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Reviews from students are something we appreciate and look out for. To tell us how you feel about a course, kindly scroll down on the course page to find the Student Ratings and Reviews section. Then check for the “Write a Review” button below.

Please note that you have to enrol in a course and be logged in to submit a review.

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Taking a quiz is straightforward.

Simply open the lesson, click on Start Quiz and answer the questions one after the other. Once you complete the questions and submit or once you are timed out, the system logs in your answers, scores it and shows you you result with a list of all corrections.

Your grade will also be sent to you via email almost immediately. No other students have access to your result.

You can also see a list of your previous Quiz Attempts and the score details on your dashboard.

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Of course.  That’s what the Wishlist button on every course page is meant for.

Just click on wishlist on a course page right below the title, and you have saved the course.

You can find all saved courses in your dashboard under Wishlist.

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There are two major ways to make money on Future Syllabus.

  1. As a course creator: The more students enrol in your course and learn, the more you earn! Your commission on each enrolment (paid course) can be from 50% to 80% depends on our agreement. Start here.
  2. As an affiliate: You don’t need to own a course, just market our paid courses and other learning materials and earn commissions as high as 50%. Start here.

Do you feel your question has not been answered on this page? Please look below this screen and click on the WhatsApp or Email button to speak with our live support agent.

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