How to earn online as a Digital Course Creator

Generally, people have the thought that they need to attain a certain level of understanding about something before they can teach others. However, this isn’t really true. As long as you have an idea or passion for the topic, with quality and extensive research, you are going to be productive. You do not have to be an expert before you create courses and make your money from them.

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There are different topics you can teach ranging from photography, cooking, marketing, finances, art, music, marketing, videography, and so much more. You will definitely make sales as long as your marketing skills are strong, regardless of which topic you decide to create a course on. 

In this article, we will be taking you through the stages involved in how to earn online as a digital course creator.

Create your course

To earn online as a digital course creator, the first step is to create your course. Your earnings, however, not only depend on the value and reliability of your course, but also on how well you can sell.

Creating a course starts with identifying the niche you are going into, your target audience, and your purpose for the course. To create a valuable course you need to make proper research, like going through existing books, write-ups, and courses on the topic you are about to write on. With your acquired knowledge, you will be able to create a much better course and also give your students the worth of their money.

Generally, the one way to find a solution to an already laid down problem is through research. To know the different views of people and what exactly they need to know about a certain problem depends on the extent of your research.

Once you have decided on the niche, topic, and content type. You then move on to creating a course outline, gathering visuals and media, recording, editing, and so on. You can create your course on the platform you intend to sell, or you can also decide to put together your already made content with a course authoring toolkit like Elucidat, Gomo, Adapt, Lectora, Easygenerator, etc.

To create a course that fits for sale, there are certain things you must take note of, which are:

  • Identifying your audience and understanding what they need
  • Creating visual and text content for your course
  • Make sure your course idea is in high demand
  • Focus on the benefits of your course by writing engaging learning outcomes.
  • There must be a strong connection between your topic, content, and learning outcomes.
  • Use the right tools and resources for your content creation.

Select a selling platform

The second step in how to earn online as a digital course creator is to sell your digital courses. To do this, you need a course selling platform where you will host, deliver, and also sell your courses to users. The platforms will also help you manage every process from building the course to payment procedures and so on.

Below are platforms where you can sell your courses to earn online as a digital course creator:


Skillshare is a learning platform that enables you to earn online as a digital course creator. This platform is used by quite a number of individuals to teach new skills and also by students to learn. Skillshare has a time limit of about 10-25 for its classes, these classes are split into short videos, and they are all pre-recorded and self-paced.

On skillshare, you can create premium classes for free, but to get your earnings you will have to be a member of the premium catalogue.

FS academy

This is one of the platforms you can use to earn online as a digital course creator. FS Academy is an online educational platform where users can sell and purchase courses. This platform offers different topics in different niches.

Helping you as a user learn and teach on various topics, this platform has email marketing tools, user-friendly features, course customization options and so much more.  To become an instructor, get your course ready, sign up as a student and click on the Become an Instructor button on your dashboard. The minimum withdrawal on FS Academy is #5,000 and payment method is Bank Transfer.


This is another platform where you can earn online as a digital course creator, this platform offers a high level of support to people for development and selling courses online. Although, to sell courses on this platform, you need to be a premium instructor, nonetheless, they provide TeachHub for users planning to create courses. Udemy guides you through all the needed processes.


This is a study platform that has premium and free plans for its users. Teachable is advantageous for independent instructors who build a large number of students. On this platform, you can launch your courses through sales pages and also provide a flexible price setting for your courses. You can also collect reviews about your courses with the help of Google forms and surveys.


This platform is used by the university of Michigan and Yoast to share their different courses. It has a feature called focus mode and uses WordPress integration. This platform also provides a rich feature that was developed by people who saw E-learning as important.

LearnDash is a highly recommended platform to earn online as a digital course creator. As they have an excellent grading system, they also provide amazing grade book technology.

Promote your course

To earn online as a digital course creator, you need to have a marketing strategy. No need to worry though, follow our recommendations below:

Create a Blog

One of the effective methods of adverting your courses could be creating a blog. The creation of blogs helps you generate tons of your needed traffic and also helps increase your reputation level.

After creating your blog, you can then start to publish search engine optimized articles related to your courses or topics, with links that direct visitors to your courses. With the proper time and effort, you will definitely get organic traffic from your target audience.

At the point you start to get views, your marketing process becomes an easy task and every individual engaging in your posts becomes your potential student.

Build an email list

This is also another way to earn online as a digital course creator, you can use emails to generate sales. Email marketing is believed to have the highest ROI among all the channels of promotion, due to the fact that it is non-intrusive as well as highly personalized.

To go through this process, you will need to collect your users’ email addresses to be able to connect and build a standard relationship. The Email Marketing Fundamentals will help you master E-mail Marketing as a beginner to become an expert. The course contains videos, taught by experts in the email marketing field. 

Social Media

The highest source of traffic right now is social media, where there are about 3.8 billion users ready to consume what you have to offer. Social media gives you access to connect with your target audience easily through sophisticated advertising platforms built by Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, and others like them.

To sell organically on social media, you need to create an account, post valuable content regularly, grow your audience, engage them and share your blog posts often.


This is the last step in how to earn online as a digital course creator. At the point you start generating sales, you will need to create more courses to grow your business and make more earnings. It is therefore very crucial that you automate your sales funnels. Marketing automation can be mastered with courses like FullStack WhatsApp Automation.

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