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How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Are you an affiliate marketer looking to earn more money? Would you like to utilize Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing? Pinterest is an image-based social media platform that provides its users with valuable content across multiple areas. Its content is tagged ‘Pin’, and where external links are attached to images uploaded. People saved their ideas, products, inspiration, and liked topics on Pinterest with the use of “Board”.

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As an affiliate marketer, you can use Pinterest as a traffic-driving source for your content, products or landing pages. There is no limit to the number of links you can attach to your pins.

Pinterest should be one of your top choices for product advertisement. The most popular Pinterest categories are home decor, visual, health, sporting products, and beauty products. Dealing with these categories would put you on a standard earning rate as an affiliate.

Important Guidelines and Rules

Pinterest as a social media platform has its guiding rules and regulations, ones that must be obeyed totally. The list below will guide you through understanding the rules of using Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing;

  • Avoid the use of URL shorteners; you must learn to be explicit with your links.
  • Avoid repeating or creating affiliate pins in large volumes, as doing this could appear as spam to your audience.
  • Use one Pinterest account to promote your affiliate links.

It is best to understand that at the point you fail to comply with the given rules on Pinterest, you would be at the risk of suspension and deactivation.

How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

To use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing there are three main steps, below are the steps to follow.

Prepare your Account

This is the first step in using Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing, here is how to go about it:

1. Create a free Pinterest business account

To start affiliate marking on Pinterest you need to create a business account or continue with your already created business account. If you don’t have an account, click on this link to create one.

A business account comes with many features such as giving your page or account a professional look, it also gives you access to extensive analytics of your account, pins, and boards. All these features are important in order to follow up on the activities on your account to aid specific adjustments and improve your market strategy.

2. Optimize your boards for Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO is crucial in order to get your pins viewed. It helps Pinterest understand what your content is about in order to aid the distribution and ranking of your Pinterest content. Helping you place your content where it is most needed.

Pinterest board SEO is an important part of Pinterest SEO and also to improve understanding of your content, Pinterest makes use of data from board descriptions, board titles, and pains saved to a board.

3. Create a professional profile

It is important that in your profile you include a descriptive bio, a high-quality logo or a head-shot, etc. This will help your profile look real, legit, and professional.

It is a step to enable your audience to pay attention to your product recommendations and well as trust your business.

4. Claim your website

If you promote your affiliate links with a blog, then claiming your URL is the best for you. This process comes with different benefits for your pins and account, benefits like all your pins linked to your allocated domains and your account.

Finding Affiliate

In the process of knowing what product to sell, it is best that you also put in mind your target audience, more reasons to have a Pinterest niche, it helps understand who your content is directed to, popular Pinterest topics, trends, keywords and products or information users would find helpful.

In the process of looking for the best affiliate for your business, it is best to be mindful of the brand, making sure it is a well-known brand, and also the commission rate. For example, selling digital products may actually bring you more income as the commission rate is usually high (about 20% or higher).

Below are popular affiliate networks you can work with:

Depending on your country of residence you may not have issues or restrictions with some of the affiliate platforms. Lastly, if there is a product you would to sell, but you are unable to get an affiliate link for it. You can always contact the seller or merchant through email to see if they have a program for it.

Creating Pins

This is the last step in using Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing, Pinterest has three pin formats: Standard Pins, Video Pins, and Idea Pins. Standard and Video pins are similar and different from Idea Pins. Each pin has its specific feature as the Standard pin is the original format and is best for driving traffic, video pins are similar but hard to click through for pinners.

Idea pins on the other hand are one of Pinterest’s new format, as it is great for catching the attention of new people. Idea pins also help Pinterest Creators and Pinterest Influencers grow and connect more with their audience.

How to add affiliate links to your pins

We will be showing you a pictorial representation of how to insert affiliate links to your standard and video pins :

How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Before this process, you must have copied your affiliate link and at the space of  ‘Add a destination link’, you insert the already copied link. If you are promoting your affiliate links through a blog post, you can insert your post link here.

To add affiliate links to idea Pins, the first thing you do is go to the slide you would like to insert the link into and click on the “Stickers” button at the bottom of the page.

How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

After this, the sticker page will show up, click on ‘Product

How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Then you will click on “Use a link” to use your custom link

How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Copy and paste your affiliate link to the bar and search. The product you are trying to market will pop up. After this, you proceed to select the product by clicking create on the upper right side of your page to add your Idea pin link.

It is also best to know that Idea pins only work with selected platforms like Amazon Associates, Rakuten Advertising, and ShopStyle Collective.

Lastly, you are to make sure that you indicate that your link is an affiliate link or sponsored product by clicking on the “This is an affiliate link or sponsored product

How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

With this, you can customize your product tag and publish the pin.

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