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Facebook Messenger Ad Automations

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About Course

As an advertiser using messaging as the goal of your Facebook ads, you may desire to use WhatsApp Business to engage your prospects and keep up with the conversion process, however, the point is, you are missing a whole lot.

WhatsApp Business is robust, fine, but there are a lot of features that keep it lagging behind when it comes to automated messaging.

This course explains why you should begin to leverage some Facebook Messenger tools for your Facebook ads instead of using WhatsApp Business. This could increase the performance of your ads by at least 200%.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to install the app to use for the automation and set it up
  • Benefits of using Facebook Messenger for your ads instead of WhatsApp Business
  • Why you don't need to be online on Messenger to efficiently use it and double your ad performance
  • How to design your Instant Reply to double the performance of your ad (the logic can help you design WhatsApp Business Greetings Message as well)
  • Why you should use the Messenger personalization tool and shortcodes in your automated replies
  • How to automatically generate and use client's details e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc using shortcodes only
  • Why you should disable the Away Message both on Messenger and WhatsApp Business.
  • How to use the Facebook Messenger FAQs to help prospects ask the right questions and get the perfect response automatically
  • How to design the FAQs to acquire maximum result
  • How to add pictures and buttons in automated replies
  • How to use Facebook Messenger Contact and Location automated tools.

Course Content

Double Facebook Ad Performance using Messenger
This 36 minutes video course shows you a practical step-by-step guide of how to double Facebook Ad Performance using Messenger Automation & Personalization Tools.Please see course curriculum for more information.

  • How to double Facebook Ad using Messenger

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This course includes a signed certificate issued upon completion to boost your resume. No charges required.

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4 months ago
this was super interesting
6 months ago
Kudos job well done 👍
8 months ago
Thank you so much! I am happy to know that there is so much I can do with my Facebook messenger. Thank you Michael Ace.
8 months ago
Dis was awesome sir. I appreciate ❤️
Adebayo Alimat
8 months ago
Wao this is so helpful💯💯💯. I was unable to put my instant msg, I save many times but not save. You did a great job sir
8 months ago
This was superb. Nice 👍 work
Juliet Oraedu
8 months ago
This was so helpful. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
9 months ago
This course is really helpful. I never knew I could do all these with Facebook messenger. Thank you so much sir
1 year ago
It was helpful.
FS Academy
8 months ago
This is too helpful. Recommended.
1 year ago
Great Job done by the instructor. The course is well detailed and comprehensive.
1 year ago
Kudos to the instructor. Welldone.
1 year ago
Just took the cause. The video is so detailed. Thanks to the instructor.

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