6 Steps to Optimize your Facebook Timeline for Business Organically

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Dear business owner, take these 6 steps to optimize your Facebook timeline for business.

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1. Your Facebook name

Your Facebook name should be your legal name. Or, if you want to be known by your brand itself, then it should be your brand name. Names like Mhiz Fortune, Itz barbara, Call me Qween do not depict seriousness. If you’d want people to take you seriously, then start from your name.

2. Your Profile picture

How do you say you’re a vendor and I should pay to get you to waybill an item to me when on your profile is the picture of a cat or dog. What happened to your own face. I barely take pictures and for a long while here, my profile picture was my avatar. When I knew I had to develop and build my brand, I had to take a photo. Not optimally best but still it was my face and people could attach a face to the name.

3. Cover photo

Why is your cover photo a quote? Or even a picture of your bum? Or your church banner? That place should serve as your first ad. Get a nice cover photo that carries basic information about you and what you offer and how to reach you. Keep it simple and professional.

4. Your bio

A friend here made a comment on my post yesterday about what she sells. I quickly went to her bio to look her up and well, from her bio what she was offering was “bum bum” and not the clothes she wanted to sell. Your bio – in 140 characters – should be a description of you and your business.

Tell us what you do. To get people hooked on your timeline, put something witty while telling us your business. You cannot put ‘Yorochian’ there and say you’re a vendor. Or ‘Vawulence’, ‘I snub’. Those things would make people see you as unserious.

5. Highlights

Why are you not using your Facebook highlight? Do you know people are attracted to view your highlights anytime they visit your profile? Keep it arranged and well titled. If you offer a range of products, then they should be listed as such. Make it easy, instead of coming into your DM to ask you questions. Just keep the products there with their prices written on them.

6. Keep the tags minimal

Clean up your wall. I recently talked about how I went through some vendors’ walls, and I was struggling to see a representation of what they said they sold. You sell shoes and your timeline is filled with shares from Angela Nwosu or videos of different pastors preaching? Your last post was made in October and the rest of your wall is birthday shoutouts, posts you were tagged to with 99 others. Do you know how it looks? – Messy. Clean it up. Keep your timeline tidy. And by all means, please post your products. Regularly.

It’s a beautiful Monday. I call it “MoneyDay”. Let’s step out with positive energy to make sales and hit goals.


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