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Full list of high paying skills in Nigeria

In this article, we will discuss the 10 major skills you can learn to improve your self-knowledge and income. One major fact to keep in your mind as an individual looking for a skill to learn and earn from is that hard work and consistency is a requirement, regardless of the skill you intend to take. I will be showing you a full list of high paying skills in Nigeria below.

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Full list of high paying skills in Nigeria

Below are different high paying skills in Nigeria that are sure to earn money as a student or graduate.


Copywriting is basically a form of writing meant to advertise or promote your product or service. It is a form of writing where you write copies for individuals to take specific actions. A copywriter creates content for companies and organizations with the purpose of selling, advertising, and promoting their products or services. Copywriting includes writing:

  • Sales pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Video scripts etc.

It is also one of the high paying skills in Nigeria as brands, companies, and agencies need to capture their audience with words. The average pay of a copywriter in Nigeria is about N1,006,500 per year, as you can earn around 250,000- 450,000 per month depending on the organization or company you work for. As you, sometime would even be required to travel for meetings and conferences. You can find free learning materials on copywriting on Future Syllabus.

Digital Marketing

This is the use of the internet and other forms of digital communication to connect brands and organizations with their customers through advertising and brand promotion. It also includes marketing channels like email, social media, web-based advertising, SEO, multimedia messages, etc. Presently, an average digital marketer earns about  N1,350,000 per annum. A digital marketing manager with about 1-4 years of experience is said to earn an average total of N1,86,436, all with tips, bonuses, and overtime payments. As a digital marketer, your tasks are majorly:

  • Build and implement strategies for new media and digital marketing teams.
  • To lead websites development and inspect all customer-facing digital communication
  • Coordinate online marketing campaigns on social and digital media platforms.
  • and more

You can find free learning materials on Digital Marketing on Future Syllabus. Moreso, the Meta/Facebook Business Management course on FS Academy will take you through everything with Facebook ads, Instagram ads etc.


This is a very big field and a part of the list of high paying skills in Nigeria. Simply put, it is the study of every detail of beauty treatments. Under this skill, we have various sections, like the Hair-styling section, Skincare, and cosmetics. This skill is broadly practised in Nigeria, as every individual needs more than one of these services in their daily life.

With this skill, you have a wide range of other jobs you can do or businesses you can start. Jobs like Nail technician, skin specialist, beauty consultant, stylist, and shampoo assistant. As a cosmetologist, it is possible to earn about N107,000 to N368,000 depending on the organization or business you work for. Also, it is important to note that to be successful with this skill, you have to put in extra time and effort. Follow this link to learn the process of starting a hair styling career in the USA.

Business management

Managing a business takes seriousness and hard work. Being a business manager means you take the responsibility of managing and coordinating business activities.  It generally evolves around managing the innovative and marketing activity of a business, company, or organization.

Working as a Business manager could earn you around N1,000,000 to 1,001009, depending on the organization you work for and the experience you have. If you have the drive to learn this, you can take intermediate and professional courses to understand how to go about it. You will find free learning materials on Business Management on Future Syllabus.


This is another skill you can learn that will bring you great income. This skill deals mainly with crafting and art, as it also deals with the process of using light and camera to create standard videos and pictures. In Photography, you can major in different genres like wildlife photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, etc.

There are free learning materials on Photography and Visual Arts & Design that can help you start your journey.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEM on the other hand means Search Engine Marketing. SEO is the process of optimizing your content in a way that catches the attention of both your target audience and search engines. While SEM is a digital marketing method used to maximize the visibility of a website in search engines.

To earn as a SEO specialist, you have to invest your time and energy into learning the details of how it works by acquiring the full knowledge. Generally, as an SEO expert, you earn about N149,500 to 298,500 per month according to Glassdor.

Are you ready? Find free courses and learning materials on SEO here.


Programming is the process of building systems, writing codes, and designing problem-solving software and hardware. It is the process of using constructive codes to build applications and websites. As a programming expert, you can get contracts and jobs from well-established companies.

To become an expert, though, you must have exerted enough energy, time, and hard work into learning. These free courses and materials on Future Syllabus will help you start off as a programmer.

Web design and development is another area under programming that you can try out. As a web design expert, you can work on an already existing website or create a new one, depending on what your client demands. For some companies that pay hourly, you can earn about N3,800 to N5,000 per hour depending on your level of experience and expertise.

Social media management

Here, you deal mostly with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The pay for this skill is about N30,000 to N150,000 monthly depending on the organization you work for and your experience.

You can help others manage their business accounts and earn cool cash from it as a professional. This is a productive skill as it is fun and profitable.

These free resources on Social Media Marketing will help you in your quest. You can also check our practical courses on Social Media Marketing on FS Academy.

Database management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, database admin jobs specifically are projected to increase by 11% in the next decade. This growth is due to more companies needing to collect and store data properly.

Companies pay database specialists millions of Naira, making it a substantial part of the list of high paying skills in Nigeria. The average pay of a database manager or administrator according to Payscale is about N3,000,000.

Take free courses on database management here.

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