Where to sell used books online: Top 10 Platforms

The thing with buying books is that after you read them, they become just another book in your edition or library. Purchasing textbooks can take a huge toll on your account balance, but do you know you can sell them after you use them in a healthy condition? In this article, I will be showing you where to sell used books and the best 10 online platforms.

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Where to sell used books online


Looking at the name of this website could be confusing in the sense that it is named Textbooks. This platform accepts all forms and types of books. They also sell used textbooks directly to college students.

If you purchase a book on Textbook and sell it back to them, you will receive half what you paid initially. To go through this successfully, the book must be in a good condition. The book doesn’t have to be in a perfect, dent-less state before you sell it on this website. You can have notes or highlighted pages, and you will still be able to sell the book on textbook.com.

However, if your book has water-damaged parts, broken spines, and other similar problems the book won’t be accepted.


This is another platform if you are looking for where to sell used books online. On Amazon, you can sign up and sell your used books to a market of millions of people. Learn more on how to sell books on Amazon.

Amazon has different selling plans making you as a seller choose from a lot of options, but as a new seller, you can always pick the individual plan.  Amazon selling rates make it a bit costly to sell second-hand books, but you can click this link to find out more about selling on Amazon.


Do you need to empty your library, and you need the best platform to sell your read books?  Abebooks is not a common online book store, but you will be surprised to see how popular it is with those who have knowledge of the store.

Abebooks has over twenty years of book store experience, making them reliable and trustworthy. There is also a monthly subscription of about £20 if you are to sell books less than 500, which is likely to add up if you don’t get to sell them fast enough. With this, you are also to pay a commission of about 8% on every book you sell.


On the list of where to sell used books, this is the fourth. On this platform, all you need to do is enter the ISBN number on their website or rather still just scan it on their book-selling app. After, you would receive an instant valuation which you can then choose to accept or reject the offer.

At this point, you enter enough products to meet the minimum value requirements of £5. You are allowed to print off the shipping label and send your books to their warehouse without paying any fee. Money will be sent to your account the next working day, given that your books have been well checked.


Another top platform on where to sell used books is eBay, you are sure to earn cool money selling your books. Unlike a few other stores, eBay will take just a little of your profits. This link will show you how to sell successfully on eBay. High-demand books are also sure to make you a lot of cash if you sell them on eBay.

Facebook Marketplace

To sell your used books online, the Facebook marketplace is another legit platform. This platform is totally free if you are exchanging books in person, however, if you choose to send the books via Facebook Marketplace, you will be charged a 2% fee. This platform is reliable as it is the best to sell books in bulk.  You probably might have written something in the book, and you doubt it would be accepted. Facebook Marketplace would help sell those books no doubt, it is said that good notes could come in handy for students, so this could help the next buyer of the book.


This is another platform where to sell used books online, instead of developing a space for your potential buyers to get your books. Cas4books has made it easy to directly sell your books to your buyers.

In this platform, your books must reach particular requirements before they can be sold. To sell, you are to insert the book ISBN in the search box and enter it to verify if it meets the selling requirements.

They will purchase the book after this, then you will be asked to send it via shipping with a prepaid mailing label, which would be sent to you. This would also be after you have accepted their price bargain.

They will then assess the book after it arrives and send you payment by check or PayPal.


This platform allows you to sell your books straight to them or receive alternate offers. After you enter the ISBN in the selling basket or show offer. You would be given a shipping label to ship your books after you have chosen your buyer. Your shipping label would also be sent to you through email.

Assessing your book on BooksRun take about 2-5 days, after this, you will then receive your payment within 4 working days.


Are you looking for where to sell used books online? BookDeal as a company understands that selling books can be a tough process, which is why they made their platform easy to sell your books.

This is the process of selling on BookDeal:

  • Enter your book ISBN number in the search box
  • Choose your preferred quote
  • You will then find different options in the sections
  • Go through the deal summary, this would take just a few minutes of your time. Then you can ship your books for free after this process.

Book deal also has a guarantee policy that ensures you get paid your said price.


This is another platform where you can sell used books successfully. On Chegg, all you need to sell your books is your book’s ISBN, this site gives you immediate access to various offers for your books.

After you must have chosen your preferred quote, you can then ship your book to Chegg for free. You will also be sent a shipping label for their website, after which you can send your books to your local UPS store.

On Chegg, you get paid within 10 to 15 days after all the shipping and processing.

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