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How to get fashion design jobs in the USA

To get fashion design jobs in the USA, there are a few things you must know. Currently, the approximate number of Fashion designers in the USA is about 23,800, and it is estimated to grow larger than that before 2026. The demand for fashion designers grows higher each year, now with the ability to continuously sell to customers online.

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Customers’ preference for sustainable options in the fashion industry has also made room for the high demand for Eco- and vegan-friendly clothing materials and designs.

Skills to Acquire to get Fashion Design Jobs

To get fashion design jobs in the USA, there are certain skill requirements you must meet and qualities you must possess, as mentioned below.

Soft skills

  • Creative and Artistic
  • Detailed Orientation
  • Organization
  • Stay on budget
  • Time Management
  • The ability to meet deadlines
  • Prioritization
  • Decision-Making
  • Collaborative
  • Communication

Hard Skills

  • Computer-literate
  • Design software
  • Textile training
  • Color theory
  • Clothing construction techniques
  • Digital design
  • Steps to take to get Fashion design jobs

Is a degree necessary for being a fashion designer?

To achieve success being a fashion designer, you don’t necessarily require a degree. However, to work in some fashion companies and agencies, you might require it. A degree is capable of helping you understand the terms attached to fashion and provide you with a total understanding of fashion history, textiles, materials and so much more.

It is also a means to help improve your soft and hard skills, coupled with your sewing and tailoring skills. So generally to go farther in the fashion industry, a degree in the fashion line is needed.  With the said degree, you will also be able to get fashion design jobs and internships.

Steps to follow to get fashion design jobs

Below are the steps to follow to get fashion design jobs:

Complete a degree program

A high number of designers have a degree in Arts and design, in this program students study fashion theory, fabrics, and colour theory. They are also taught how to make use of computer-aided design (CAD) software to create styles. Generally, fashion design courses help prepare fashion designers for possible fashion design jobs and help students strengthen their skills, also building their job portfolio in the process.

Internships and Work Experience

You can start your fashion career as an intern or an assistant designer. Internships in a fashion association or organization will help build your degree credits, fashion industry insights, work experience, skill developments, networking connections and so much more.

To get fashion jobs in the USA, you are required to have a well-designed portfolio. Even without a degree, the most important add-on quality in the career of a fashion designer is experience. You can work as a costume designer in a school theatre, you can mend and sew clothes in your local community, you can work in a cloth retail store to learn the marketing aspect of fashion, and you can work in an organization that deals with styling and clothing and so on. Every skill and experience matters when building your fashion portfolio.

Build connection

Another important process in getting fashion design jobs is quality connections. Unlike other art-related fields, networking increases the pace of your growth as a fashion designer as it also helps you get more opportunities, secure clients, and advance your fashion career.

It is important to connect more with other designers, suppliers, buyers, stylists, and every other stake holders in the fashion industry.

Build your design portfolio

To get standard fashion design jobs, you need a strong design portfolio. A lot of fashion designers start building their portfolios even before the decision to take a degree in fashion. The essence of a design portfolio is to showcase your design, skills, and uniqueness.

Updating your portfolio as a fashion designer is a never-ending process, meaning as you grow in your fashion career, you update your portfolio.

Follow fashion trends and stay up to date

In the fashion industry, the taste of customers is never ending and always changing, so as a fashion designer you should be ready to keep up with the trends and happenings.

Different resources help fashion designers stay up to date. You can also join different associations and groups to keep up. I will list different groups and associations you can join as a fashion designer below.

Professional Fashion Designer Associations and Groups

To stand out as a fashion designer and get legitimate fashion design jobs, these are associations and groups you can join to connect with co-fashion designers and stay updated in the fashion industry.

Resources for fashion designers

To get up-to-date fashion design jobs, these resources below can help you.

This source provides business intelligence to help members of the fashion industry, both creatives, and entrepreneurs. As a reader, you get daily updates on industry news, career advice, and inflammations about fashion education.

They provide news on fashion and beauty.

This is an offline program for fashion designers. They cover topics on branding, product pricing strategies, and selling products online.

This publication provides relevant news, information on marketing, and profiles of emerging designers.

Provides advice to hopeful fashion designers.

Articles that have the seven steps for launching a clothing line.

This video follows fashion designer Melissa Fleis, a contestant on “Project Runaway”.

This podcast explores the history of fashion movements, as well as the background of historical figures in the fashion industry.

Fashion Designer’s Salary and Job Growth

In the Fashion industry, you are bound to earn well and enough. As much as it is an exciting and rewarding career, as an individual, you also need to be sure about what you are going into and understand your job security.

Here I will put you through the earning potentials of a fashion designer.

As of May 2017, the annual income of fashion designers was $67,420, this is according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, which also reports that just 10% of earners receive below $33,910 per annum. Also, fashion designers receive an average of $53,049 per year, depending on how much experience they have.  The pay is likely to start from $70,863, and veterans get about $89,225. 

Now, are you ready to start your Fashion Journey? Proceed.

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