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Chipper Jersey design contest | See your design on Burna Boy

Enter the Chipper Jersey design contest and see your design on Burna Boy, amongst $1,200 cash prize and other amazing rewards. Whether you’re an ambitious ...

Learn Video Creation Using Smartphone For Free

Have you ever wondered how the videos used for ads are made? Did you know you could do it? Did you also know you could do it using your phone? Join Sadiq ...

One Month Free Corrosive Training on Digital Marketing with GEDA

In this one month corrosive class, GEDA (Global Eagle's Digital Academy), is willing to teach you copywriting, graphic design, video creation using your phone, ...

Making Headway As A Freelancer On Upwork: Join Free Training

Making headway as a freelance graphics designer is one of the hardest things to deal with when they begin your freelancing journey. If you happen to be caught ...

5 Valuable Digital Skills You Can Learn and Earn With Your Phone

Are you passionate about earning digital skills, but you don’t have a computer? Do you have a smartphone? Then look no further, this is for you. While waiting ...

Free Online Graphics, Web Design, Digital Marketing & Video Editing Masterclass

Go From Novice To Pro. You'll be learning about the many facets of the skills listed above in our 3 weeks MASTERCLASS with your Smartphone or Computer. What ...

Learn world-class Soft & Hard Skills in Side Hustle’s Free Internship

Since 2020, Side Hustle has trained over 200 thousand African youths in various fields across Engineering, Marketing, Product and Design. The kind of future ...

Product Management Foundational Course – Webinar by Treford

​Product management can be an extremely lucrative and engaging career path for anyone with a creative mind who wants to play a critical role in the development ...

7 Free Google Certificate Courses on Digital Marketing, Graphic Design

Earn free certification by enrolling in these top Google Certificate Courses. These courses are sponsored by Google on various learning platforms. Areas of ...

Think like a designer: Improve your problem-solving with design thinking and Canva

Design thinking is taking the business world by storm and for good reason. Teams that regularly engage in design thinking are more collaborative, curious and ...

Easy Photo Editing on Your Phone | Free Webinar with Canva

It's no secret that a good photo can tell a thousand words, which places a lot of importance on the imagery you use to represent yourself and your brand. In ...

How to use Canva to create your resume or portfolio | Free Webinar

Allow recruitment and design experts Owen and Mike to show you how to create a portfolio and resume that shines in this 60 minute free webinar. What you will ...

Future Syllabus: Online Academy & Educational Centre
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