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How to sell with eBay and make money

eBay is an American-based multimillionaire e-commerce company that deals with consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales on its website, as you can sell with eBay and as well connect with people around the world. If you would like to work from home, but you have just a little capital, or you want to resell products of large quality, eBay is the best place for you.

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An average seller on eBay is believed to earn up to $35,000 per annum, Some sellers up to $70,000, and others about 2-3 thousand a year. The rate at which you earn on eBay is dependent on the amount of inventory you sell, the price of your items, and also your shipping method. In this article, I will explain how to successfully sell on eBay.

How to sell with eBay

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To start your business on eBay, the first step is to know how this online store works. To be sure you want to start a business on eBay you would have to test-run the store, observe how things work and make your decision.

Purchase a product

This process will help you a lot in the process of starting to sell with eBay. With this, you are able to see how things run and how they should be from a customer’s point of view. You are able to base your business on what process is more profitable and comfortable for your potential buyers. You will be able to pay more attention to

  • The product listing on eBay,
  • The quality of product pictures posted
  • How they construct their headlines,
  • How well the product description is
  • The price range of products

On eBay, quite a number of products are run as auctions and in this process, eBay submits your bids in increments for you until you hit the highest price. Some sales run on fixed prices, as they do not require bidding, and the product can be bought as soon as you make your purchase. With this, you can decide if you would like to run your product sales on auctions or at fixed prices.

Sell some products

Before you decide to fully sell with eBay, you need to test which product sells more and which one doesn’t. This is an important step in eBay as you are able to know the way the platform works, how the time limit for your product offers is set, how to develop your product listing, and how product packaging and shipping are done.

To sell random products, here are the things you can do:

  • You can put on display items you do not need anymore in your home.
  • Take nice pictures and write a detailed description of the product (you can make your findings on Google).
  • Set an opening bid price to entice potential bidders.
  • Decide if you offer a guarantee for the product, letting your buyer have the chance to return if they aren’t contented with the product.
  • Outline your shipping policy, like the shipping method, payment method, pricing, and cost. You will also be provided with a shipping calculator to calculate your cost.
  • Check out the listing of a similar product to see how other sellers set up their lists.

Send an invoice to the winner through the eBay interface.

Some buyers will purchase your product without an invoice, and also if a buyer decides to purchase after you send the invoice, you can always send one through your eBay account. After the payment, you can then pack the payment and ship it after.

Offer free shipping

For buyers, the biggest barrier to purchasing a product is the shipping fee. You could consider rolling packaging and shipping costs into your product list instead of charging for shipping. Buyers know every online seller ships their products, so seeing that you don’t charge them gives them the impression that you know what selling online is about.

Have a low selling price

To sell with eBay you have to understand the process of drawing the attention of your customers. Most of the sales on eBay are auctions based, therefore you only set prices at the beginning. This process is often preferable for higher-priced items such as collectibles. The whole idea is to just set a low starting point to get the attention of bidders.


Drop-shipping is one of the best strategies to consider when you want to sell with eBay. It will help you in the process of saving money on your products, it would also help to increase your profit margin. In drop-shipping, you do not have to go through the process of packaging and shipping, because it would be done by the drop-shipping company or organization.

Avoid Negative feedback

In order to sell on eBay successfully, you must try as much as possible to avoid negative comments on your product, as they can crash your business. eBay allows customers to leave comments and reviews to increase other buyers’ trust in you and your product. When your delivery service and the products are as expected, you are sure to get positive comments from your buyers.

List New products regularly

The more products you list, the more products you can sell on eBay. As you bring in more products, your buyers are open to varieties, and with that, they can choose from the number of products on your listing.

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