WhatsApp Lead Generation Blueprint

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Learn the hacks needed in generating massive leads to WhatsApp via profitable Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. The course uncovers the trick to acquiring customers by the cheapest means possible. With this step-by-step video course that also issues you a certificate of completion, you will learn everything needed to improve your online marketing. Note that you do not need this course if you have already purchased the following course: Complete WhatsApp, Facebook Marketing.
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What I will learn?

  • The best ad objectives to use for profitable lead generation
  • What the mistake of using WhatsApp API links will cost you
  • How to connect your WhatsApp Business to your Facebook page
  • How to run Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Understanding the different ad displays on various Facebook advertising networks
  • Setting up your ad creatives: Images, Primary texts, Headlines and CTA
  • How to create a converting target audience for your ad
  • Setting up your ad budget and duration
  • BONUS: How to do traffic banking on WhatsApp.

Course Curriculum

How to get customers on WhatsApp with Facebook Ads

  • Video course on how to run Facebook Ads to get WhatsApp customers
  • Test

How to get Customers with Instagram Ads

How to do traffic banking on WhatsApp

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Future Syllabus
3 months ago
Quality course with a practice test worth retaking.

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Target Audience

  • Digital Marketers
  • Online Vendors
  • Small & Large Scale Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • WhatsApp TV Admins etc

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