Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

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Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: Being the most downloaded app in the world with more than 176 million downloads since the start of 2022,  there is no doubt in the fact that TikTok is one of the best platforms to advertise products and services.

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Also in line with its number of users, presently, TikTok is the sixth-largest platform. It gives users the means to create short videos and accumulate followers, which amounts to brand influence.

A lot of brands are already seizing every opportunity to use TikTok’s popularity to their advantage, they use this online platform to promote their services mostly through paid advertisements.

To achieve this for your business as well, there are several ad methods to employ which will all be stated and explained in this guide.

TikTok for business makes it possible for marketers to advertise on the platform. This tool makes it simple and easy for individuals and businesses, by assisting them through the whole steps of:

  • Making ad video
  • Setting budgets
  • Getting through to your specified audience
  • Evaluating campaign data

Types of TikTok ads

We will guide you through the ad types on TikTok and the process of creating and setting up your TikTok for Business account.

The first step we will be looking at is the types of TikTok Ads:

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Branded Hashtags

This type of TikTok ad type is used by businesses to encourage TikTok users to make content in relation to their chosen brand hashtag. Brands are given absolute access to these hashtags. This type of paid ad is $45,000 for a period of 30 days.

tiktok ad pricing

For instance, if your clothing company has just introduced a new swim outfit for women called Swim Fit,  you could in this light make a branded hashtag named #WearSwimFit.

With this, you encourage buyers who are Tiktok users to make videos wearing your product in different places and post them. With this, you are using the hashtags to not only promote sales, but create awareness of your brand and its specified products.

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Branded Effects

This ad type makes use of 2D, 3D, or AR to insert images of your products into TikTok videos. In this process, brands create stickers or filters that TikTok users can use when they create a video.

tiktok ad pricing

This helps increase engagements, because who wouldn’t want to use a beautiful filter or sticker in their videos.. The cost of this format of advertising is $45,000 for a time frame of 30-days. This ad type will also help increase sales.

For example, Puma, as a clothing company made use of Branded Effect to advertise their newly made soccer shoes,  they created a 3D sticker used by users to play virtual reality soccer games.

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In-Feed Ads

In this type of TikTok ad, videos that appear on the user’s “For you” page are called In-Feeds. In this process, users are provided with videos that correlate with their interests by the TikTok algorithm, this is based on the user’s constant watch and activities.

Below is a picture example of the use of the In-Feed TikTok ad type.

tiktok ad pricing

In-Feed ads are mostly used by marketers or business owners, they use this format to drive sales and attract the attention of potential buyers. To reach 3.6 million impressions with these, an advertiser has to pay a TikTok ad pricing of about $26,000.

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Influencer Advertising

You can also use the help of influencers to advertise your products. This can be seen as one of the best means to improve the audience reach of your brand on Tiktok.

You can hire professional content creators who are on the lookout for paid partnerships. Aside from their involvement in paid Tiktok’s creators fund, this can be seen as their major means of making money.

tiktok ad pricing
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TikTok Ad Pricing

Below is the breakdown of Tiktok ad pricing for paid ads and also for influencer marketing, which depends on the number of followers the influencer has, the niche they are in, and your ad goals.

  • Paid Campaigns: The TikTok advertising cost begins at $0.50 cost per mile, meaning per 1000 views and $0.02 cost per click. There is also a required minimum spend of $500 for a TikTok paid ads campaign.
  • Nano influencers have about, 1-10,000 followers their TikTok ad pricing will be around $5-$25.
  • Micro-influencers have about, 10,000- 50,000 followers their TikTok ad pricing will be around $25-$200.
  • Mid-tier influencers have about, 50,000–500,000  followers their TikTok ad pricing will be around $100-$1000.
  • Macro influencers have about, 500,000–1,000,000  followers their TikTok ad pricing will be around $1000-$2000.
  • Mega influencers have over 1,000,000 followers, their TikTok ad pricing will be around $2000 plus.
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How to set up your Tiktok ad account and Create Ads

To start on TikTok you would have to create your account and then proceed with other instructions as described below:

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Create Ad Account 

Create a Tiktok business account here

tiktok ad pricing

Describe your business

tiktok ad pricing

Enter your billing information

tiktok ad pricing

Set up your payment

tiktok ad pricing

Select your ads manager

Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad
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Create and Submit Ad 

Create your ad

tiktok ad pricing

Review and submit

tiktok ad pricing
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TikTok Ad Review Process

After submitting your ad, the review process takes about 24 hours to be concluded, which is about a day. In order to avoid possible delays, you are to meet up with TikTok’s commercial terms of service.

Below is a checklist to use to review your adverts before submission:

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The Landing page

The landing page must

  1. Be functioning and mobile-friendly
  2. Matches the product name in the ad.
  3. Matches the language of the set region
  4. Avoid downloading files automatically to the user’s device
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The Ad

The Ad must

  1. Contain no grammatical error
  2. Contain audio
  3. Be between 5-60 seconds
  4. Management of symbols, spacing, numbers and, capitalization
  5. Avoid blurry or pixelized images
  6. Follow standard videos size: 9:16, 1:1, 16:9.
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This article stands to guide you through your Tiktok ad pricing journey, helping you find the right advertising means for your business or company.

You should also know that TikTok’s general audience is mostly young minds and fast learners, people that will point out your mistakes at any instance.


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