Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: Being the most downloaded app in the world with more than 176 million downloads since the start of 2022,  there is no doubt in the fact that TikTok is one of the best platforms to advertise products and services.

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Also in line with its number of users, presently, TikTok is the sixth-largest platform. It gives users the means to create short videos and accumulate followers, which amounts to brand influence.

A lot of brands are already seizing every opportunity to use TikTok’s popularity to their advantage, they use this online platform to promote their services mostly through paid advertisements.

To achieve this for your business as well, there are several ad methods to employ which will all be stated and explained in this guide.

TikTok for business makes it possible for marketers to advertise on the platform. This tool makes it simple and easy for individuals and businesses, by assisting them through the whole steps of:

  • Making ad video
  • Setting budgets
  • Getting through to your specified audience
  • Evaluating campaign data

Types of TikTok Advertising and Marketing

Promoting Your Own TikTok Channel

Creating a TikTok channel for your business is something to think about if you have a young social media marketing team and your brand appeals to TikTok’s core audience. This is similar to how businesses use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as video sharing platforms like YouTube.

But keep in mind that consumers aren’t visiting TikTok to learn about your company and its wares. They typically visit for amusement or to show off their work. Your commercials are the last thing people want to see.

So, if you’re going to start a TikTok channel, you better have something worthwhile to offer your viewers. Your goal is to get people interested in your brand and its products by sharing entertaining and informative films with them.

Obviously, certain goods and services do better than others while trying to get traction on TikTok. Video clips from the newest blockbusters can be readily set up and shared by film companies. Sharing music clips is also a natural fit for the music industry.

Working with Influencers

Until recently, the only realistic option for a company looking to market on TikTok was to team up with a TikTok influencer and have them promote the company’s brand. And this is still the case in many respects. Building mutually beneficial partnerships with successful and well followed TikTok users whose audience demographics align with your own is still likely to be the most cost-effective method of getting your message out there.

Collaborating with an influencer to market your products to their vast network of interested followers increases your chances of making a profit. However, this is only effective if the product you are selling lends itself to captivating films that will pique the interest of an influencer’s audience.


Challenges on Tiktok

“TikTok” is now commonly used to refer to competitions. The #TumbleweedChallenge created by Jimmy Fallon has gained the most attention. He issued a TikTok video challenge in which the participant rolls around like a tumbleweed to Western-style music.

background. Over 9 million people watched the submitted videos in just seven days, making the challenge a huge success.

A successful brand-focused challenge would generate a lot of buzz, but it would be challenging to win over sceptical TikTok users.

TikTok’s Paid Advertising Program

                                                         Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

We will guide you through the ad types on TikTok and the process of creating and setting up your TikTok for Business account.

The first step we will be looking at is the types of TikTok Ads:

Branded Hashtags

This type of TikTok ad type is used by businesses to encourage TikTok users to make content in relation to their chosen brand hashtag. Brands are given absolute access to these hashtags. This type of paid ad is $45,000 for a period of 30 days.

For instance, if your clothing company has just introduced a new swim outfit for women called Swim Fit,  you could in this light make a branded hashtag named #WearSwimFit.

With this, you encourage buyers who are Tiktok users to make videos wearing your product in different places and post them. With this, you are using the hashtags to not only promote sales, but create awareness of your brand and its specified products.

Branded Effects

This ad type makes use of 2D, 3D, or AR to insert images of your products into TikTok videos. In this process, brands create stickers or filters that TikTok users can use when they create a video.

                                Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

This helps increase engagements, because who wouldn’t want to use a beautiful filter or sticker in their videos.. The cost of this format of advertising is $45,000 for a time frame of 30-days. This ad type will also help increase sales.

For example, Puma, as a clothing company made use of Branded Effect to advertise their newly made soccer shoes,  they created a 3D sticker used by users to play virtual reality soccer games.

TikTok Image Ads

Image ads are static images that promote a product or service and typically include text. This chart displays the availability of the Global App Bundle and Pangle Placements in various countries around the world.

Playable Ads

TikTok’s playable advertisements are essentially minigames and a fantastic way to interest users. This function is restricted to specific nations.

Shopping Ads


TikTok’s “Dynamic Showcase Ads” and “Collection Ads” will be discontinued in the spring of 2023, with their primary functionalities rolled into the newer, still-beta Video Shopping Ads.

Types of this AD format:

  • Video Shopping Ads are videos that you can buy that show up on the For You page for a certain group.
  • Catalogue Listing Ads show off catalogues of goods that can be bought.
  • Live Shopping Ads tell people who are watching your TikTok Live where they can get a certain product.

Spark ads

Spark ads allow people to make advertisements based on preexisting videos with high interaction rates. One of TikTok’s newest ad formats, this one allows advertisers to sponsor trending content that features their products.

                                           Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

Carousel ads

The user’s news stream is littered with carousel advertising. Up to ten images, each with its own caption, can be uploaded to this ad.

                  Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

In this type of TikTok ad, videos that appear on the user’s “For you” page are called In-Feeds. In this process, users are provided with videos that correlate with their interests by the TikTok algorithm, this is based on the user’s constant watch and activities.

Below is a picture example of the use of the In-Feed TikTok ad type.

In-Feed ads are mostly used by marketers or business owners, they use this format to drive sales and attract the attention of potential buyers. To reach 3.6 million impressions with these, an advertiser has to pay a TikTok ad pricing of about $26,000.

TikTok Ad Pricing

Below is the breakdown of Tiktok ad pricing for paid ads and also for influencer marketing, which depends on the number of followers the influencer has, the niche they are in, and your ad goals.

  • Paid Campaigns: The TikTok advertising cost begins at $0.50 cost per mile, meaning per 1000 views and $0.02 cost per click. There is also a required minimum spend of $500 for a TikTok paid ads campaign.
  • Nano influencers have about, 1-10,000 followers their TikTok ad pricing will be around $5-$25.
  • Micro-influencers have about, 10,000- 50,000 followers their TikTok ad pricing will be around $25-$200.
  • Mid-tier influencers have about, 50,000–500,000  followers their TikTok ad pricing will be around $100-$1000.
  • Macro influencers have about, 500,000–1,000,000  followers their TikTok ad pricing will be around $1000-$2000.
  • Mega influencers have over 1,000,000 followers, their TikTok ad pricing will be around $2000 plus.


TikTok ad specs

Make sure your TikTok ad is the right size, shape, and style to help you do well on social media. Here are the best specs for a video ad on TikTok:

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9 (9:16 looks the best!)
  • Minimum resolution: 540x960px, 640x640px, or 960x540px.
  • Video file type: .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, or .avi
  • Video length: 5 to 60 seconds (TikTok recommends 9 to 15 seconds for best results)
  • Video file size: 500MB maximum

How to set up your Tiktok ad account and Create Ads

To start on TikTok you would have to create your account and then proceed with other instructions as described below:

Create Ad Account 

                                                             Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

Create a Tiktok business account here

                                                   Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad


Describe your business

                                                                      Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

Enter your billing information

                                                                  Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

Set up your payment

                                                       Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad


Awaiting account approval


                                               Tiktok Ad Pricing and Guide: How to run effective TikTok Ad

TikTok Ad Review Process

After submitting your ad, the review process takes about 24 hours to be concluded, which is about a day. In order to avoid possible delays, you are to meet up with TikTok’s commercial terms of service.

Below is a checklist to use to review your adverts before submission:

The Landing page

The landing page must

  1. Be functioning and mobile-friendly
  2. Matches the product name in the ad.
  3. Matches the language of the set region
  4. Avoid downloading files automatically to the user’s device

The Ad

The Ad must

  1. Contain no grammatical error
  2. Contain audio
  3. Be between 5-60 seconds
  4. Management of symbols, spacing, numbers and, capitalization
  5. Avoid blurry or pixelized images
  6. Follow standard videos size: 9:16, 1:1, 16:9.

TikTok advertising best practices

TikTok advertisements are conceptually identical to regular TikToks, with the minor exception of the fact that you have to pay for them. As a result, the potential for innovation is boundless. Best practises are outlined here to help you stay on track.

Follow TikTok’s image and video specs

Blurred or stretched content doesn’t look professional, and consumers are more likely to skip over your ad if they don’t think it belongs on TikTok. Successful ads on TikTok are created by adhering to strict image and video requirements.

Capture attention in the first 3 seconds

Users of the video-sharing platform TikTok reportedly have the attention span of a goldfish, so it’s crucial that you hook them quickly. TikTok provides suggestions in the first three seconds. Get right to the point, or risk being scrolled right through.

Insert important info in the middle of the screen

TikTok’s Following and For You Pages feature a plethora of information, including account names, video captions, sounds, and like, follow, share, and save buttons. This implies that portion of your video may be lost or concealed. Keep your advertisement’s most crucial creative components in the screen’s centre for maximum impact.

Use TikTok’s Ad Library

The TikTok Creative Centre, which houses the TikTok Ad Library, is a fantastic place to get ideas, learn about emerging trends, and gain insight into the most popular phrases and hashtags on the platform.

Localize your ad’s language.

If the people watching your commercial have trouble following it, it won’t matter how cool it is. If you want your ad to be effective in other countries, you should either translate it into the local language or find out where people speak the language you’re advertising in.


This article stands to guide you through your Tiktok ad pricing journey, helping you find the right advertising means for your business or company.

You should also know that TikTok’s general audience is mostly young minds and fast learners who will point out your mistakes at any time.

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