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Free Data Journalism Training

Have you ever wondered how journalists make boring data into stories? Have you also been trying to learn how to do such? Join this session where the budget ...

Learn How To Create Online Courses

Do you have knowledge you wish to compile into a course but you don't have any idea how to go about it? You wonder if it can be paid or it must be free. You ...

A Guide to a Successful Job Application

Have you ever wondered what it takes for your interview to be successful? Do you know your CV is important when your application is being considered? Did you ...

PowerPoint Animation Training for Children Age 8 – 13

Would you like your child to learn how to make animations using PowerPoint? Here is a good opportunity to stimulate their interest. This year, according to ...

How to Start Learning Online in Nigeria

If you want to start learning online in Nigeria, then it is just as much as important to acknowledge how much Nigeria has evolved and thrives so well in the ...

5 reasons you should start learning online as a Student

As a student living in Nigeria, there are limitless reasons you should start learning online. Firstly, in this Gen-Z age, online learning is the trend for ...

Top Free Courses on using Facebook Business

Facebook Business Management is a high-demand skill in the USA, with an average Facebook business manager earning about $58,174 to $84,174 monthly. Annually, ...

Future Syllabus: Online Academy & Educational Centre
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