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How to Start Learning Online in Nigeria

How to Start Learning Online in Nigeria

If you want to start learning online in Nigeria, then it is just as much as important to acknowledge how much Nigeria has evolved and thrives so well in the unconventional learning space – online currently.

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Although online learning in Nigeria had been far in existence, it only gained a high record of relevance in 2020/2021 during the lockdown and ever since then, it has become a new normal.

Even schools have adopted and used this method of learning, with classroom learning most times serving as a final offshoot. Online learning is even very creative as they are done in various ways, unlike traditional routine classes.

They can be done through audio calls, group chats, video or voice calls, webinars, boot camps, one-on-one video classes, etc from the comfort of our various homes or wherever seem convenient.

However, to start learning online in Nigeria, there are several requirements you need. Some of which are smartphones, laptops, also a good internet connection with other things you need to know on how to navigate it.

In this article, we would be showing you everything you need to know on how to start learning online in Nigeria.

How to Start Learning Online in Nigeria

What you need to start learning online

Good Study Environment

If you want to start learning online in Nigeria, you should look out for a study-friendly environment to enhance your productivity.

This is because some study technique involves listening to recorded audio/video courses or joining in a live conference class via Zoom, Google meet, etc and so noisy environments would hinder the flow in such a situation.

To start learning online in Nigeria, you could consider staying away from physical/mental distractions like public places, televisions, gaming apps, phone notifications etc. You can instead leverage study-friendly environments like libraries, and quiet rooms with good lighting to boost your attention span.

In worst-case scenarios, to start learning online in Nigeria, you can get noise cancellation gadgets such as headphones, earpods to help you avoid distractions.

Relevant apps and programs for online learning

There are couple of relevant apps and programs that are vital for online tutorials if you want to start learning online in Nigeria. These apps are dependent on the prescribed platforms for a particular course.

Some online tutors would prefer to interact with you via WhatsApp, Zoom, Telegram, Google meet, Skype, Facebook enclosed groups, Twitter spaces, Instagram live. Some others specifically have their academy where you can directly learn like Hubspot Academy, FS Academy where you can access both free and paid courses of your choice. These platforms make it possible to access course materials directly on your phone browsers.

Sourcing for Courses

If you want to start learning online in Nigeria, you must carry out a checklist process.

  • What do you want to study?
  • Why do you want to study this course?
  • Where can you find this course/course tutor?

When you are done passing the first two evaluations, you would want to know where you can source for the course (s) you want to take.

There are quite a number of places you can find well-prepared courses in all subject areas. Academic or educational support initiatives can also help students connect with the right tutor/materials for their preferred courses.

Basic tech skills

If you want to start learning online in Nigeria, having basic tech skills is quite necessary to excel at it.

This involves knowing how to navigate your smartphone/laptop/internet, download software, use relevant word processing software, get quite acquainted with how the apps you’d be using work and so forth.

If you lack these basic skills, especially when dealing with your PC, you might want to gain some apt knowledge on this on YouTube.

Effective time-management skills

Many online students who are successful with online classes have always credited 60% of it to discipline. Discipline comes in various forms and in this case, time management.

You must be able to manage your time well if you want to start learning online in Nigeria. This is because some online courses, especially the self-taught courses without supervision, do not have a set timeframe for learning. Although, this is a plus for working-class students.

On the other hand, it can also be a trap if you struggle with procrastination, a suffocating schedule or laid-back time management skills.

However, you can learn this skill and become good at scheduling your time to your own learning benefit. To achieve this, you may want to try out these hacks;

  • Begin with reviewing the syllabus for your courses.
  • Then create a daily to-do list.
  • Develop the habit of ticking things off your list as you complete them.

Overall, do this with so much enthusiasm and soon, you’d see the benefits of a carefully planned and obeyed schedule.

Motivation and Independence

To be successful, a student has to desire to succeed. Online learning requires independence, self-driven motivation, responsibility and maturity to understand your goals and pursue them as such.

Your reasons for wanting to start learning online in Nigeria could be to boost your CV, attain knowledge, hone already acquired skills and so forth. For whatever your reasons may be, the task solely remains to have the mental agility to pull you through your desired goals. You can check this out to help you make firmer decisions on why to start learning online in Nigeria.


Learning online in Nigeria won’t only help you in acquiring knowledge but can also open you to a global network of well-meaning individuals who would be pointers to strategic successes in your career, access to job opportunities and sharpening of your skills for future benefits.

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How to Start Learning Online in Nigeria
How to Start Learning Online in Nigeria
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