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Top Free Courses on using Facebook Business

Top Free Courses on using Facebook Business

Facebook Business Management is a high-demand skill in the USA, with an average Facebook business manager earning about $58,174 to $84,174 monthly. Annually, it is estimated at around $175,032 which is 155% above the national average.

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Top Free Courses on using Facebook Business

But first, it is important to have a clear understanding of how the Facebook business management works.

Facebook business manager is a tool that allows you to manage several Facebook pages, ad accounts and other business assets, including Instagram accounts and product catalogues, all in one.

As an entrepreneur, Facebook business manager gives you the leverage to grant access to your employees to manage your Facebook pages without having ownership or illegally claiming your page.

On the other hand, for companies, the Facebook business manager allows you to link multiple client Facebook pages to your Facebook business manager account to manage the company’s page. In this case, you wouldn’t need to link your personal Facebook account or that of your employees as admins.

Other benefits of Facebook business manager are that you can separate your personal profile from your business page.

Facebook business manager also helps you multitask by effectively managing multiple Facebook Ad accounts and pages in one place.

Another benefit of the Facebook business manager is that it helps you regulate how much access each employee has based on their role. In a case where they no longer work as employees at your company, Facebook business manager provides you with the option to easily terminate their access to the page.

Another thing Facebook business manager does is, it helps you build different custom audiences for different ad campaigns. This is even very important if your company or agency runs ads for multiple clients/businesses that are targeting different ideal customers and audiences.

In this article, we will be showing you the top free but valuable courses on using Facebook business for your individual or business needs.

To learn the Facebook business manager skill and start earning from it, you need a smartphone, if possible a laptop with a good internet connection, and then you’re set to begin. With all of these at your disposal, below are the top free courses on using Facebook business.

Facebook Marketing

The Facebook marketing course with HubSpot is an easy-to-follow Facebook training course for beginners, particularly if you’re looking to grow in the field of Facebook business.

The course which is broken down into three lessons would help you learn how to develop an effective Facebook marketing strategy, grow your organic Facebook reach, craft a winning Facebook ads strategy and other topics that are soft-landing for Facebook business manager.

Each syllabus contains a set of videos with an instructor who would be talking through the material to help you with clarity. To access this free course, which is essential for Facebook business manager skills, you will need to create a free Hubspot account. Once this is done, you would be granted access to take the course till the end at no cost. Start learning 

Meta/Facebook business management

This is another top course you ought to take as a potential Facebook business manager. This course with FS Academy would take you through several guides on how to fully and successfully use your Facebook account for business.

The curriculum cuts across;

  • how to create a Facebook page (mobile and web).
  • how to give people access to your Facebook page.
  • how to run Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp ads and automations.
  • how to create and manage Facebook business accounts and ad accounts.
  • how to give someone access to your Ad account.
  • how to open a live chat with Facebook and speak with an agent.
  • how to fund your Ad account.
  • summary of Facebook Advertising policies.
  • how to use the account quality to manage rejected Ads and assets and more…

To access this top free Facebook business course, click here to begin learning.

Facebook Blueprint

Another top course on using Facebook business you shouldn’t ignore is the Facebook/Meta blueprint course. It is a 1-2 hour course that has been broken down into different training modules that are both written and visual content.

This Facebook business course is directly from Facebook, and what makes it stand out is that the content is always up-to-date. Also, the courses are in modules which acts as an assistant in helping you create tracking metrics based on the goals you’re looking to hit and perfect on Facebook business skill.

In this important Facebook business course, you would learn how to set up your campaign objective and targeting, choose your placements and budget, manage inventory with product catalogues and set up/use your commerce manager. Start learning

How to monitor engagement and analytics

This Facebook business course on how to monitor engagement and analytics with Future Learn will help you understand how each social media platform has its own tool to provide customers insights into the performance of their pages; Facebook business pages inclusive.

It is subdivided into various key Facebook strategies which cut across how to view your business from your manager account, view activity from your manager account, create automated responses, create and schedule new posts and stories for your Facebook page/Instagram account.

You would also learn how to access commerce manager, view insights and even access more tools necessary for Facebook business. Start learning


As earlier said, that the Facebook business skill is a high-value skill in the USA and its earning is very attractive. The average Facebook business manager salary in the USA is $58,174 to $84,174 monthly or $30.77 per hour. Entry-level positions begins at $50,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $175,032 which is 155% above the national average.

Apparently, this is a skill that can increase your financial capacity and connect you to a good network.

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Top Free Courses on using Facebook Business
Top Free Courses on using Facebook Business
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