Top 7 Ways to run Telegram Promotion

Top 7 Ways to run Telegram Promotion

In this article, we will be showing you the top 7 must-have skills required to run an effective Telegram promotion for personal or business needs.

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You can’t own a Telegram app in 2022 and not make money, either as a business owner or service provider, Telegram promotion is an effective skill you can earn from if you master the craft well.

You don’t have to do too much at all as all you need to learn the Telegram promotion skill is a smartphone, access to a good internet connection, and then you are good to go.

Telegram promotion skills would not only make you knowledgeable in your use of the app for marketing gains, but if learnt critically, it would help you become self-employed and earn from the comfort of your home. It would also be a key strategy for the success of your business.

To start with, Telegram promotion is a form of marketing that can triple brand visibility and conversion rates. This is because it offers you the opportunity to build a community, interact with clients, drive traffic to your website, increase user engagement, sort out clients’ pain points and even sustain customer loyalty.

Top 7 Ways to run Telegram Promotion

To achieve this, below are the top 7 ways to run Telegram promotion.

7 ways to run Telegram promotion

  1. Participation in Chat Groups
  2. Telegram Supergroups
  3. Telegram Channel Catalogues
  4. Create your own Bot
  5. Telegram Cross Promotions
  6. Create Opinion Polls
  7. Through E-commerce Stores on Telegram

Participation in Chat Groups

This is a very effective way to run Telegram promotion for any reason you are targeting.

What you need to do is find relevant chat groups on Telegram with a large capacity of members who are in sync with your niche and become very active on those groups.

From time to time, you can share relevant links to the sites you want your audience to patronize. This form of Telegram promotion is cost-free but if optimized properly can help you gain loyal customers who would bring you profit.

Telegram Supergroups

Telegram Supergroups is a strong Telegram promotion strategy that has been tested and trusted in several ways.

This form of Telegram promotion helps you put a restriction on who can access uploaded files, documents, video courses, etc

For example, if you are a digital course creator who owns a Telegram Supergroup, files with price tags you upload to the group won’t be able to get downloaded, shared or copied.

Learn how to use Telegram Supergroups with the Telegram SuperGroup Sales Formula course.

Telegram Channel Catalogues 

This is another way to run an effective Telegram promotion. Unlike other social apps, Telegram has more than 50 catalogue websites you can get into and leverage for your Telegram promotion. Examples are Tgstat,, etc.

This Telegram promotion is effective so much that people can simply reach out to your channel through Google search and each catalogue website has an audience of about 50,000 subscribers.

For this Telegram promotion to be achieved, you would need to add your channel to the catalogue so that when customers place their orders, a mail would be sent directly to notify you.

After which you would go ahead to publish their orders and then get paid from $500 and above.

Create your own Bot

If you want to run a stress-free but productive Telegram promotion, then I’d recommend creating a bot.

A bot is an AI feature interface that acts as your personal assistant by facilitating speedy broadcast, response and interaction with customers even in your absence.

Since it works as an automated feature, you would have to create a bot response for the business FAQs and other product/service-related data; and then store them for customers to interact with until they eventually decide to patronize you.

Telegram Cross Promotions

This is a very workable Telegram promotion technique. How this works is that two channels with a large member capacity of about 1,000 plus can agree to promote each other with the aim to exchange relevant followers.

The best way to approach this kind of Telegram promotion is to be certain that both channels have a like-minded audience as regards the niches you offer.

You can even reach an agreement of a percentage to be shared between each other whenever a client patronizes a particular product/service you must have promoted.

Create Opinion Polls

This Telegram promotion technique is quite easy to navigate. For instance, if a brand relies on review, then it can become a strategy to use for your Telegram promotion.

Start by creating an anonymous poll to find out what your customer preferences are, and then leverage it for your Telegram promotion.

Through E-commerce Stores on Telegram

If you are looking to hit high-pitch professionalism in Telegram promotion, then this is for you.

Telegram e-commerce stores have better traffic compared to other social media platforms. However, this method is also the most technical.

You would need a programmer to build your store designs and come up with a payment channel for customers.

Other features on the Telegram e-commerce store like emojis and other user-friendly interfaces can be taken care of by you.

Telegram e-commerce stores even deliver business information faster because of its fast download speed, regardless of the internet connection in your area. Also, the more subscribers you have, the higher your price charge. Currently, e-commerce store owners make $500-$700 monthly as a Telegram promotion strategy.


Each Telegram promotion skill here is a potential that can set you on a path to financial freedom and the opportunity to network with a high-value cycle.


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Top 7 Ways to run Telegram Promotion
Top 7 Ways to run Telegram Promotion
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