10 Free Online Courses with Certificates

Are you low on cash but looking to learn a skill to increase your income this new year? Do you need a skill that rewards you with a certificate afterwards? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ll most definitely want to grab any of these free online courses with certificates. 

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These days, many people learn skills without bothering about certification. That’s good because it helps to focus on mastering the skill itself. 

But according to Open Systems, 60% of recruiters use certifications to confirm applicants’ subject matter expertise.

Now, what does that say? I’ll tell you.

You not only need to take courses to improve on yourself. You also need to put in the effort to complete them and get certified.

And if your goal is to use the knowledge gained to apply for new job roles, have no fears. 

You’ll find it easy to win the role if you upskill with these free online courses with certification coming right up. They’ll take you steps closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming who you want to be.

We’ve taken our time to compile this list that features the best sites to acquire free online courses with certifications. They come with zero charges, save for your data expenses, of course.  

Just sign up and remain dedicated until the end. You’ll become a certified professional right in the twinkling of an eye.

Why You Need Free Online Courses With Certifications

Applying for an online course with a certificate of completion not only expands your skill and knowledge but also makes your resume more attractive when job hunting. All thanks to the Internet, you have a myriad of sites to bag free online courses with certificates.

And the best part is most of these courses are from industry experts. So, that’s like learning from the top guns without spending a dime.

Online courses have bridged the gap. As such, you can become whoever you wish to be through them. And when you have a certificate that backs up what you learned, it serves as proof to prospective employers that you are indeed skilled.

If you think these free online programs aren’t important, you are making a terrible mistake. These free online courses with certificates are becoming the new big thing.

Lerna, a virtual study guide, while writing on the subject noted:

“The commitment involved with doing free online courses is generally not as great as committing to a full degree that you pay for. Because of this, you can impress a prospective employer by doing them. Completing non-accredited courses shows personal drive. You are studying a topic out of interest and because you have a passion for learning, not just to get a qualification.”

That aside, the job market is already saturated and competitive. And to get that position you’re dying for, you need an edge over other applicants. You can also use your new skills to make money from the comfort of your home as a side gig. 

Learning never stops for anyone. So, take advantage of these free online courses with certificates of completion and experience personal growth.

But, right before you pick the right free online course for you, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Know your goals and what you want for yourself. If you’re confused about your goals, any of these creative online courses will help you improve yourself. 
  2. Check if the courses you have in mind are accredited.
  3. Check if it’s completely free to avoid hidden charges you never knew about.
  4. Scan through all available options. You never know what other area you might like outside your line of interest
  5. Keep track and be committed so you don’t miss out on those certifications that could earn you a job or more money

The Best Sites to Get Free Online Courses With Certificates 

Before you take any of the free online courses with certification, you need to choose an online learning site to learn from.  And while at this, keep in mind your area of interest. This way, it’ll be easier for you to make the right choice for yourself.

Furthermore, one great platform that gives you access to free online courses is Future Syllabus

Future Syllabus doesn’t have its branded courses. But the site is known for connecting you with free online courses from other learning platforms. Most times, these courses come with certificates of completion. 

You don’t have to pay to access Future Syllabus or any of the courses listed on the platform.

All you need is a smartphone or laptop connected to the Internet so you can keep tabs on our updates. And in no time, you’ll top up your skillset so long as you remain committed.

That aside, Future Syllabus connects you to  courses across these disciplines:

  • Business & Commerce
  • Management Studies
  • Graduate Studies & Research
  • Entrepreneurship & Marketing
  • Information & Media Tech
  • Art & Philosophy
  • Programming & Design
  • Medical & Health sciences
  • Humanities & Languages
  • Earth Sciences & Tech

Pepped up about learning new skills already? Great, visit any of these learning platforms to grab any free online course that comes with a certificate of completion.

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda.com, is an online learning platform that offers video content based on highly demanded skills. It’s one of the best sites that give free online courses with certificates. 

Each course is broken down into multiple short videos that cater to your specific learning goals. And if you pick any of them and implement what you learn, you’ll grow in your career path and increase your income.

But sadly, the free courses are limited to a few categories such as:

  • Digital transformation courses
  • Interview prep courses
  • Soft skills courses
  • Branding and idea creation courses
  • IT support courses
  • Customer service courses
  • Financial Analytics courses
  • Sales courses
  • SQL & Python courses
  • IT administration & Data analytics
  • Digital marketing & Graphics design
  • Software development
  • Project management etc.

2. Udemy

This is an e-learning community committed to making education accessible, better, and exciting while sharing knowledge with the world. 

Whether you want to learn or share what you know, Udemy is the right place. Udemy aims to connect learners through knowledge with updated courses in demand with real-time projects, assignments, and a guaranteed certificate. 

But this will happen only if you stay dedicated to the end.

Here’s a little secret: with Udemy you have to be on the lookout often because their free online course fluctuates from time to time. And if you’re lucky enough, that paid course you’ve always wanted can become free to sign up for. 

Here are some free online courses with certifications on Udemy:

3. Coursera

Coursera is a sophisticated yet free online platform with highly accredited courses designed by leading universities across the globe. Coursera partners with over 200 leading universities and professors to provide a convenient, affordable, and job-relevant online learning experience. 

From hands-on projects to free online courses with degree certificates to you, Coursera is one of the best platforms that offer free online courses with certificates. 

Furthermore, Coursera aims to transform and redefine what’s possible by bringing the best-accredited programs to everyone including you. 

If you choose this platform, you have to properly navigate through the FAQ section and others to be certain of the free online courses available as some may be paid for.

 Some of their free online courses with certificate of completion include:

  • Cryptocurrency Courses
  • Data science fundamentals with python and SQL specialization
  • Foundation of UX/UI design
  • Data science & machine learning courses
  • Project management courses
  • Mobile, software & web development courses
  • Entrepreneurship & finance courses
  • Business strategy & Essentials courses 
  • General marketing courses
  • Leadership & management courses

4. Learn With Google:

This is a way too easy platform to gain today’s most in-demand skills that will get you ready for the digital world that is rapidly growing. Learn at your pace with flexible and personalized pre-recorded training designed to build your confidence and help you thrive in any career of your choice.

The majority of their courses are free and approved by the world’s leading industry experts. Therefore, rest assured that what you learn are real-world skills that will position you for great employment opportunities. 

Here are some of their free courses that come with certification:

  • Fundamentals digital marketing courses
  • Google analytic academic courses
  • Google Ads certification courses
  • Android development training
  • Web development courses
  • Data and tech courses
  • Media marketing courses
  • Google AI courses
  • Graphic design courses

5. Alison

With Alison, you can start learning almost anything imaginable today. 

Alison provides free online courses with certificates and diplomas. With over 1,330 self-paced online courses from top universities like Yale, Stanford, etc., the platform prides itself as the first free online learning platform that has developed and employed a scalable sustainable self-funding model. 

They target all kinds of students, ranging from beginners to learners, professionals, managers, teachers, and freelancers.

You’ll find a mix of educators and entrepreneurs creating content that is only written with video resources here. Although not all Alison courses are free, they are still great course options with certifications. 

Here are some of their free courses:

  • Technology courses
  • Personal, humanity & life courses
  • Technology courses
  • Health & hygiene courses
  • Fashion courses
  • Marketing courses
  • Languages courses
  • Science courses
  • Employment & hospital management
  • Financial literacy courses
  • Soft skills & entrepreneurship courses

6. EDX

Edx is like a school community made up of professionals from all walks of life. It covers a range of self-paced disciplines from degree programs to professional certification courses. 

Their services aim to unlock your potential by giving you access to high-quality education. They also offer a great online learning experience through short videos, learning exercises, discussion groups, and downloadable textbooks. 

Most of their online courses are free with certifications. You just have to scan through their website or application when it’s convenient for you and find the one you want. 

Their free courses include:

  • Engineering courses
  • Web development courses
  • Programing courses
  • Languages courses
  • Writing courses
  • Data science & AI courses
  • Management & development course
  • Entrepreneurship & finance courses
  • Fashion, literature, and art courses
  • Public speaking
  • Psychology, human anatomy courses

7. My Great Learning Academy:

As the name implies, this is a great e-learning platform that offers a great learning experience that begins right from your first click on their site. 

 It’s one of the best corners to learn in-demand skills, earn online course completion certificates, and upskill through career guidance by experts. 

While collaborating with top universities like MIIT, Northwestern, etc, My Great Learning Academy allows you to enjoy learning. With it, you can explore over 500 free online courses all from the comfort of your home. 

Some of them include:

  • Data science & programming courses
  • IT & Machine learning courses
  • Cyber security courses
  • Digital & project management courses
  • Sales and business development courses
  • Design courses
  • Interview preparation courses
  • Industry case study courses

8. Skillshare:

 Skillshare is a rapidly growing marketplace for new skills. It provides “bite-sized” classes to learners who only have 15 minutes a day.

Their courses feature video formats from many of your online influencers to cover several disciplines. Skillshare also offers more than 500 classes, in-person workshops, and several thousand premium classes to make your choice. 

It is a value-based online community made for creative and curious persons to find inspiration, earn money, share knowledge, and discover creativity.

Its limited free courses include: 

  • Javascript
  • Window server & administration
  • Databases
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Email marketing courses
  • Creative writing courses
  • Communication courses
  • Photography courses
  • Web development courses
  • Leadership, management, and productivity courses
  • Business & entrepreneurship courses
  • Lifestyle courses
  • Freelancing courses

9. Hubspot Academy:

Hubspot Academy is one of the best online learning platforms on a mission to transform people. The platform offers free online courses with certificates and comprehensive programs that are quick and quite practical. 

Some of them are:

  • Advertising courses
  • Inbound marketing
  • Sales courses
  • Social media courses
  • Digital marketing courses
  • Online business courses
  • Inbound marketing
  • SEO courses

10. SideHustle Internship:

Like the rest, SideHustle Internship offers you an opportunity to learn in-demand skills with a community of persons, volunteers, and mentors that will give you a competitive advantage in the global workforce.

You’ll also have a lot of fun networking with like-minded people, taking on tasks, earning stipends, winning prizes, and ultimately becoming part of a startup where your skills are put to use for four weeks. For each course, you take one per cohort.

In addition, you’ll get an opportunity to try on real-life projects with a team after the course duration that ends with three certificates of completion from Jobberman, Udemy, and Side hustle. 

Some of their free online courses with certificates  include:

  • Frontend & backend development
  • Mobile Application development
  • Data administration (SQL, etc)
  • Website development
  • Data analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation
  • Customer service relations
  • Marketing & sales
  • Product & graphic design
  • Branding
  • Microsoft office
  • Public speaking
  • Video animation
  • Product management 
  • Motion graphics

There you have it. As you can see, you have several options to pick from. Ditch your excuses now and get on with these free online courses with certificates. 

But you don’t have to keep juggling between these platforms to keep tabs on their free courses. That’s stressful especially as it may take you time to comb each website to find their free online courses with certification. 

There is an easy way out for you and that’s Future Syllabus.

Every day, Future Syllabus shares links to different online courses from the platforms mentioned above. From Hubspot to Alison, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and others, we comb the Internet to bring you opportunities to learn and grow your income. 

The best part is that they are completely free. You don’t have to enter your credit card details before you access any of the courses we share. You only need just enough data and the willingness to learn. 

If you’d like to stay updated when we share new free online courses, subscribe to our newsletter. You’ll get no spam but emails that turn your life around.

Our meticulously curated courses offer a holistic approach, equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital sphere. ...
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