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Learn Coding with Free Certification in freeCodeCamp’s 11 Programming Courses

Tech is the new gold. A lot of young people doing well have leveraged Tech to land lucrative jobs around the world and earn thousands of dollars monthly.

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Check these courses now to kickstart your career

freeCodeCamp is a proven path to your first software developer job. More than 40,000 people have gotten developer jobs after completing these courses– including at big companies like Google and Microsoft.

If you are new to programming, we recommend you start at the beginning and earn these certifications in order.

To earn each certification, build its 5 required projects and get all their tests to pass.

You can add these certifications to your résumé or LinkedIn. But more important than the certifications is the practice you get along the way.

What you need

The beauty of these certificate courses is that you can enrol with 2 basic things.

  • A laptop or good smartphone (for beginners).
  • An Internet Connection.

Note: It is recommended you take these courses in order.

Certificate course

  1. Responsive Web Design Certificate (300 hours)
  2. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification (300 hours)
  3. Front End Development Libraries Certification (300 hours)
  4. Data Visualization Certification (300 hours)
  5. Back End Development and APIs Certification (300 hours)
  6. Quality Assurance Certification (300 hours)
  7. Scientific Computing with Python Certification (300 hours)
  8. Data Analysis with Python Certification (300 hours)
  9. Information Security Certification (300 hours)
  10. Machine Learning with Python Certification (300 hours)
  11. Coding Interview Prep (Thousand of hours of challenge)

There are currently about 95 more courses on tech, programming and design on Future Syllabus as of now. Do take a look.

Learn Coding plus Free Certification with freeCodeCamp

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Learn Coding with Free Certification in freeCodeCamp’s 11 Programming Courses
Learn Coding with Free Certification in freeCodeCamp’s 11 Programming Courses
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