Save $2000, Learn Microsoft Excel Online for free with these 4 Courses

I bet you know how much it costs to Learn Microsoft Excel Online. If you don’t, for the basic class, you may have to spend around $200. For premium classes, around $2500. However, you can learn to mastery with these 4 courses.

Please note that these courses are made free via coupons which are time-based. Please access these courses as soon as possible, else you may find out some of them are no longer accessible for free on their respective hosts due to coupon expiration. If this is so, you can simply go over to our archive to locate other free courses. You can also subscribe and let us deliver them to your mailbox every Friday.

Below are the 4 free courses on Microsoft Excel:

1. Macquarie University Excel Skills for Business Specialization

Learn Excel Skills for Business. Master Excel to add a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio.

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2. Microsoft Excel 2019 for Beginners

This free online Microsoft Excel 2019 course is perfect for those brand new to Excel and who are using Excel 2019 or Excel 365 editions. You’ll learn everything from how to create basic formulas in Excel, to how to print the correct part of your spreadsheet!

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3. Microsoft Excel Skills to Make an Impression

This course from The Excel Club is designed to help you take your Excel skills to the next level. Many users never get beyond the program’s most basic functionality, often feeling intimidated.

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4. Analysing Data in Excel

This course will show you which Excel functions and formulae are appropriate to perform mathematical functions, clean and interpret data, and answer business questions.

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