How to make money from Facebook groups

Social media platforms are fast becoming gold when it comes to making money online. Learning how to make money from Facebook groups becomes so important as Facebook could still be rated the most widely used social media platform.

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You are able to reach different individuals that would be interested in what you have to offer. When it comes to using Facebook, it is however mandatory that you understand the use and tricks, especially with Facebook groups.

Facebook groups help provide a space for effective communication among people with same interests: a means for people with like minds to operate and interact. As it is, you can create a Facebook group for anything and everything.

There are also privacy settings that can make your created group more accessible and comfortable to your group audience.

This article will enhance your knowledge of how to make money from Facebook groups.

How to Make Money From Facebook Groups

Advertising Products and Services

This is one of the excellent ways to make money from Facebook groups. It could be promoting goods and services of other people or even yourself.

Numerous individuals are dependent on social media for the growth of their businesses. While few have the knowledge of social media advertising to generate sales, the other majority don’t.

If you have a Facebook page with a good number of active members, you can run organic advertisements for products and services in your niche at a certain cost.


This option could be for individuals that have reached a certain audience growth level. As a beginner, this could also be a great means to make money from Facebook groups. At this point, when you have a substantial amount of dedicated members in your secret groups, investing in a subscription model could be the next step to take.

This means that your audience pays you monthly to receive valuable content.

To achieve this, you would have to be the admin in a Facebook group and meet Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy and Fan Funding Creator Terms.

You are also required to meet up to a certain number of members which is at least 10,000.

Consulting and Coaching

This is another good way to make money from Facebook groups.  In this process, you could offer your knowledge and expertise for a certain amount. You teach, guide and tutor people on how to create and grow their own pages to also in turn create money for themselves.

Customer group Management

This is one easy way to make money from Facebook groups, if you are offering social media services, this could be the best for you. In this process, you help people build and manage their social media groups for more engagement and sales.

You can in this process organize their groups, going through the process of member recruitment, member research, and approval, post and comment moderation, content curation, post-publication e.t.c.

Drive Traffic

You could own a blog or a YouTube channel and need to reach a certain amount of traffic. Creating a Facebook group could help, by doing this you can create short write-ups and stories to tell people what your platform is about, you could also include links for interested individuals to follow up.

Partner with Brands

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager (BCM) is a tool used to assist brands and creators to interact and learn from each other.

Facebook group creators can cooperate with brands to create exciting content and make money through this means. You can attain the role of a brand influencer. Where you help brands create pictures and videos on their specific products or services.


With the help of this article, you have been guided through the right and legal process to make money from Facebook groups. You will now make the best of your dormant Facebook groups and learn how to monetize it.

All you need to achieve this is to know your audience in order to be able to give them what they want. You also have to be sure that you adhere to Facebook’s community terms and policies.

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