Best 10 minutes mail services to use in 2022

The idea of 10 minutes mail is generally to protect your identity and privacy. 10 minutes mail generators are used to send and receive mails temporarily. You can send messages without exposing your primary email address and, by extension, prevents receiving spam messages or even getting hacker.

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There are different reasons as to why you would want to use a 10 minutes mail, it could be because:

  • You want to sign anonymously to a platform
  • You want to reply to an email, but you want to avoid disclosing your personal information.
  • You need them for verification on websites you don’t trust.

Read more on how to use 10 minute email services effectively here for a detailed guide.

Best 10 minutes mail services

Below are the best 10 minute mail services you can use successfully in 2022.


This 10minutes mail service website is one of the best in 2022. It is well known for its simple interface, as users do not require registration to access their services. MailDrop also has a unique feature that helps clean your inbox from spam and malware with its advanced spam protection.


This website lets its users generate free emails of their choice. It provides users with access to use the given mail for about 10 minutes. Mailinator even makes all email addresses readable and searchable by anyone at any time.


This type of 10 minute mail service website offers users a means to forward unlimited emails. As a user, you are also allowed to filter incoming messages by a standard CAPTCHA system. On TrashMail, you can also transfer emails to your personal mail inbox without any issue.


Getnada is a 10 minutes mail system that provides mail extensions like,,,, etc. This platform allows you to access new messages without having to refresh or reload. It also has a mobile application for mobile users.


This mail service gives access to its users to create temporary email addresses for different reasons. In LuxusMail you are allowed to select your temporary email address from the address list or generate it randomly. Unlike other services, it lets you use the same email more than once.


This 10 minutes mail service allows you as its user to use the email address as long as it is active. It provides notification sounds to indicate new messages, this website also makes choosing the perfect email address easy and simple.


This 10 minutes mail service unlike others provides email addresses that don’t expire until one hour. You are able to use the given email addresses to register on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c. You are also able to receive messages. Tempail provides a QR code that lets you use the email address again. It gives you the access to delete your fake email address.


On MintEmail you do not need to click on the verification link to verify your mail as it will automatically be verified on the website.  You can extend your email expiry limit. On this 10 minutes mail system, you can access your inbox address without logging in.


On the list of best 10 minutes mail platforms in 2022, we have ProtonMail, which is a swiss based safe email ID provider. It permits you as a user to easily create different identities for different reasons, this can be achieved by using Proton aliases. This platform allows premium users to send emails through their short email addresses.

One unique feature of ProtonMail is that it provides custom filters that will automatically send emails to folders, tags, and archives. Lastly, they provide an end-to-end encryption system where your messages as their user stay safe and secure.


As much as all the platforms stated above fulfil the same purpose, they also have their specific unique features. Depending on your reason for use, you are open to several 10 minutes mail website options for your needs.

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