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Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers the frequently asked questions about our courses, programs and activities as regard our content. For more on how the platform works, see Help Center.

What are the two major type of courses on Future Syllabus?

A: The two major types of content on Future Syllabus are described below:

1. Free Resource Learning (FRL) Program: FRL are structured educational programs and courses that leverage free resources to make learning more affordable. They contain public domain resources and content that we sourced, organized into a simplified curriculum and optimized for smoother learning using the LMS solutions on Future Syllabus. In a FRL program or course, students may still pay for:

  • Curriculum design and development
  • Instructional support and guidance
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Certification and Recognition
  • Overall student management and administration
  • Other services that support their learning journey

2. Instructor-Led Learning (ILL) Program: In ILL, the instructor is the primary source of knowledge, guidance, and support, and the learning process is structured around their teaching. This approach emphasizes the value of human instruction, mentorship, and feedback in the learning process. ILL is often characterized by:

  • Exclusive, proprietary content
  • Instructor-student interaction and feedback
  • Personalized guidance and support
  • Structured learning pathways
  • Strict enrolment-based access

In contrast to Free Resource Learning (FRL), which leverages freely available resources, ILL focuses on the instructor’s expertise and teaching as the core of the learning experience.

In summary, Free Resource Learning (FRL) uses free and openly available resources, reduces costs, making learning more accessible, and students may still pay for support and services while Instructor-Led Learning (ILL) features exclusive, instructor-created content which are only accessible through enrollment and emphasizes the value of instructor guidance and expertise.

Q: Where do you get your course content from?

A: For FRL courses, we source the content from free platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and other public resources. For ILL, we contact experienced instructors and industry leaders. We believe in harnessing the power of existing knowledge to make learning more accessible.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of your courses?

A: Our expert team reviews and edits the content to ensure it meets our standards. We also add quizzes and assessments to help you reinforce your learning.

Q: Are your courses accredited?

A: While our courses aren’t accredited by traditional institutions, they’re designed to provide valuable skills and knowledge. Our certificates of completion are recognized by many employers and individuals as a demonstration of your commitment to learning.

Q: How do you choose which courses to create?

A: We listen to our community and identify topics with high demand and impact. Our goal is to provide courses that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Q: Can I suggest a course topic or request a specific course?

A: Absolutely! We welcome feedback and suggestions. Please contact us with your ideas, and we’ll do our best to create a course that meets your needs.

Q: How much do your courses cost?

A: We offer affordable pricing options, including subscription-based and one-time payment plans. We believe in making learning accessible, so we strive to keep our costs low.

Q: Do you offer support or assistance during the courses?

A: Yes, our support team is here to help. If you have questions or need guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Q: Can I use my certificate for job applications or college applications?

A: Yes, our certificates are designed to be shareable and verifiable. You can use them to demonstrate your skills and commitment to learning in job applications, college applications, or other opportunities.

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