How to use 10 minute email services effectively

Do you know that you can protect your personal emails from spam messages? Would you like to use the best means possible to avoid risks on your device?

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Are you even a developer in need of free email addresses to test certain online services? If you fall into any of these categories, this article is just for you. Wee will put you through the process of using 10 minute email service effectively and effortlessly.

What is 10 minute email?

10 minutes email is a certified temporary e-mail service that allows you to have a private email address to which anyone can send email messages without having to worry about which messages contain viruses or which doesn’t. The address however self-destructs in 10 minutes.

Quite a number of websites could force you to register in order to access or test their content, in this case, you can always put your 10minutes email to use. It will ensure that you are not exposed to spam or virus risks on your computer through emails.

10 minute email will ensure that your personal email is protected, some websites could even go to the extent of persistently sending unsolicited emails to you even after you opt out or unsubscribe. Some may even sell your email address to large-scale spam operations.

Why you should use 10 minutes email

Below are 4 reasons why you should begin to use the 10 min mail services often.


You may want to participate in an online giveaway contest, or you just don’t want anyone finding out your real email address. If so, the 10 min mail is the perfect service for you. You could just give people your temporary address or use it to register on any website without worrying about falling prey to spams.

Speed and Simplicity

The fact that most 10 minutes email services have a minimalist interface system makes it possible to receive mails faster. There is also a refresh button for instances when you don’t see the messages sent immediately, you can click refresh to reload the page, and you are sure to see your messages.

Perfect for developers

For developers, the use of 10 min mail is efficient because you will be able to secure your personal email information and use a temporary email which self-destruct or expire in 10 minutes to test or access any new project that requires email address. Here you wouldn’t have to worry about deleting emails as they have a set stipulated time to automatically delete.

Saves time

All you have to do is go to the set website and copy your email address. You can also choose the login suitable for you.

Basic managing features

The moment you receive your message you are able to see important information like the name of the sender, the subject of the message, and their address. There are a few other features like copying the address with just one click, changing the login and the server, and lastly, you can also delete the message if you do not need it or you could save it to your computer.

How to use 10 minute email

Here is a step-by-step process on how to use 10 min mail. You can find the best 10 minutes mail services to use in 2022 here.

  1. When you need a temporary email to register for contests or fill out online forms that you don’t have 100% trust in or those you only need for a moment, all you need to do is open another window and go to this link
  2. After you click on the link, you will see an email address. You are the only one with access so you can use it as you please.
  3. You can copy the email address and then paste it to whichever platform or site you need it on. However, do not close the  mail window because it’s the same place you get to access your messages and links. You can also use
  4. If the site or platform emails you, it will reflect on the 10minutes email. With this, you can access the messages and complete your verifications, if there are any.
  5. After completing your tasks, you can either exit the window or wait till your 10 minutes run out.

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One significant advantage of the 10min mail is that you can extend the stipulated period of time by clicking on the Give me 10 more minutes link. The essence of this email service is mainly to protect your privacy and help you maintain a healthy primary email services via Gmail, yahoo mail or whatever primary email service you subscribe to. That is, your personal email is free of unwanted messages, spam, or contents filled with viruses.

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