Introduction To Cloud Computing And AWS by NetCom Learning

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The course is an Instructor-led Virtual masterclass that is designed to provide an official introduction to AWS cloud computing concepts to business leaders and IT professionals.

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Business decision-makers can learn how to use AWS services to improve business processes and optimize cost savings. IT professionals can leverage the foundational knowledge to embark on further role-based specialized learning paths.

‚ÄúParticipants get access to NetCom365 – our comprehensive digital learning platform featuring reporting capabilities and a rich repository of additional resources. Being an Official AWS Partner Network (APN) training partner, we are also providing all learners complimentary VIP access to 150+ Official e-Learning courses from AWS”.

What you will learn

  • Benefits of cloud computing
  • Understand various cloud computing components
  • Cloud computing deployment models
  • Who uses AWS?
  • AWS core services
  • How to access AWS services

…and much more!

How to participate

Future Syllabus does not have any affiliation with the organizer of this training/webinar. We only share for educational & informative purposes. Participate at your own discretion!

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Introduction To Cloud Computing And AWS

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