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WhatsApp Marketing & Lead Generation

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About Course

The Complete WhatsApp Marketing Masterclass takes you through the entirety of WhatsApp Marketing using WhatsApp Business. You will learn the basic theory, practical business tools set up, WhatsApp sales hacks, Facebook ads tutorial, Instagram ads tutorial, traffic banking, amongst others with a Certificate of Completion. Please see the course curriculum.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to WhatsApp Marketing
  • Setting up your WhatsApp business profile and catalogue
  • Setting Catalogue items
  • Setting Catalogue Collections
  • Generating Catalogue link
  • How to design Greetings Message
  • Why you shouldn't use Away Messages
  • How to design Quick Reply
  • How to retrieve prepared Quick reply, etc
  • How to use WhatsApp Formatting Tools
  • How to make the best use of the label function
  • Benefits of using the label function
  • Avoiding product stuffing
  • Understanding product placements
  • Using basic Copywriting skills
  • The best ad objective to use
  • What the mistake of using WhatsApp API links will cost you
  • How to connect your WhatsApp Business to your Facebook page
  • How to run Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Setting up your ad creatives: Images, Primary texts, Headlines and CTA
  • How to create a converting target audience for your ad
  • Setting up your ad budget
  • How to do traffic banking on WhatsApp

Course Content

Introduction to WhatsApp Marketing

  • Introduction: analyzing everything you will learn
  • Why WhatsApp Marketing? The benefits etc
  • The right WhatsApp Marketing Strategy to use

Setting up Business Profile

Setting up Automated Responses

How to run Facebook Ads to get Customers

Contact Labelling

Selling with WhatsApp Status Updates

Earn a Certificate

This course includes a signed certificate issued upon completion to boost your resume. No charges required.

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10 months ago
well detailed and helpful
Adebayo Alimat
11 months ago
Great job 👏 you did so well💯💯 infact I love the class 💃💃💃💃 so straight forward ✌️ more knowledge biiznillahi 🙏

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