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On Plagiarism and Intellectual Theft Becoming Digital Pandemic on Social Media

Despite the many call-outs and drags over plagiarism, it seems people still won’t stop. Rather, they have become brazen and more crafty.

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Just yesterday, DiaryOfa ShortGirl reached out to me that her post on Facebook was stolen by someone and passed off as the person’s own. I was livid. I encouraged her to make a post about it.

After a while, the person brought down the post. But does that solve it? It doesn’t. From the comment sections, what irked me the most was people’s responses.

Some were saying, “shebi it’s only copy she copied na. Didn’t we all copy in school?” Some were asking what’s the big deal. That she only reposted it because she liked it.

Recently, I’ve been seeing the content I drop on my Facebook page remodelled, rewritten and posted by other people.

They craftily do it so as not to be termed copying. But then, only an author best knows his literary language. Only you know how you write and can easily identify it anywhere.

I’ve even seen someone that has packaged a few into an e-book and is selling it.

How wicked can people be?

For those who do not know what plagiarism is, it is not only when you copy a creative work/content word for word and pass off as your own. When you copy an author’s style, ideas and expression it is regarded as plagiarism too.

You see a meme here. It’s funny and makes you laugh. You quickly copy the meme, add a few touches here and there, and post. That is plagiarism.

You see a content. You like it. Quickly you copy the writing style, change a few words. It is intellectual theft.

Not only is plagiarism unethical, but it is also illegal and could lead to copyright infringement.

If you are too lazy to create content, or you feel you have lost your creative juice, take a break. Or better still read, research and learn. Or even hire ghostwriters. You can not pass off people’s personal experiences as your own. That’s the height of it.

The best way to appreciate someone for their content, asides from reacting to the post and commenting, is to either share the post itself or copy on your wall and give CREDIT.

Some people on social media with higher engagements and audience would prefer to copy and post without the author’s name because you’d rather eat stone than give someone else visibility. Unfathomable!

My people, have your work been stolen before? How did you feel?

Have you seen your work somewhere, and you couldn’t do anything?

What steps did you take to stop plagiarism?

Tell me, I’d be in the comment section.

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