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Making money with Twitch: Top 5 Hacks to Follow

To start making money with Twitch, you need to first understand what Twitch is. Twitch is an online streaming platform, it’s a place where millions of people gather to watch live streams of their interest.

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You can find content about various sectors: it could be food, games, music, sports, drinks, travel, or it could just be to talk to one another. For individuals that have a huge and productive audience, twitch gives them a standard opportunity.

Twitch is more than a live-streaming platform, it is a community. It is a platform where different people from different parts of the world come together to form a bond. On Twitch, viewers are faithful to their most preferred streamers, they even support them financially.

There are certain ways to make money with Twitch, and in this article, we will be looking at them. Research makes it clear that by 2027 the streaming market will be amounting to over $247 billion.

As long as you are able to manage your audience well, it is certain for you to make money with twitch if you follow these instructions.

Top 5 Hacks to start making money with Twitch

Below are hacks that can be used on Twitch to earn money:

Start your live-streaming platform

This is one of the best ways to start making money with Twitch, the most profitable at that. On Twitch, you can host live streams, gain your audience’s full attention, you could charge a monthly subscription for your services, and can also keep the full package of what you earn.

All you just need to do is to create or begin your own branded premium live-streaming platform on Twitch. As a user on Twitch with your audience paying monthly for a subscription to their show of interest, you can start earning starting from about $34.99 per month and for about a year you earn $349.9.

Creating and selling your own branded products

For the fact that your viewers are loyal to your live streams, they will want to be recognized with your streams, showing them to the world outside. This is where your branded product comes in, it could be shirts, hats, e-books, tops, shorts, print books, gaming guides, or guides in the sector of your streaming.

This all depends on the sector you are into, most times to stay in line it is better to compare the products you would like to sell with the sector of your live streams in order to fulfil this better for you and your audience.

Search for stream sponsor

This is one of the best means of making money with Twitch. It could also be called partnership.

According to how it works, a sponsor will pay you to create your stream content, this will be in exchange for a shout-out during your stream, a means to make people see how important your stream is to others.

Seeing this could help draw out others individuals that could also become your sponsors. You can make the sponsor known, introduce their product if they have one, and lastly you could also share your own stories to conclude your shoutout.

 Requesting for Patreon Pledges

The first thing that should come to mind is” what are Patreon pledges”. Patreon is a platform for making money with Twitch. On Patreon you can ask for monthly pledges from your devoted viewers, this platform provides subscribers with amazing premium pledges.

It also opens you to more added value as you grow. On this platform, it is possible to make from $1 to around $1,106, this is dependent on how devoted your audience is.

Sign up for an Affiliate Program

This is one of the best hacks to making money with twitch. Affiliates are individuals who publicize other people’s products and services. This is specifically done with links and certain referral codes and in turn, you receive a commission. This could range from about 5% to 35% of the sale you make, depending on the platform you are affiliating with.

Affiliate is a good means of making money with Twitch as it is easy and of lesser risk. To get affiliate slots you can use Amazon’s Association Program, you could contact brands within your sector, and you could also get affiliate spots by googling brand names including +affiliate in your search. For instance, “Coursera affiliates


All it takes to start making money with Twitch have been stated above, you only need to prioritize having a standard-based audience. This is to make monetization much easier. As long as you follow these money-making hacks, you are sure to make it cool on Twitch.

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