5 ways to make money online as a Nigerian Student

There are quite a number of services you can provide and products you can sell that can earn you significant income as a student, as it is only right to know that one of the major secrets to making money presently is via the internet.

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However, before you can make your first dime, there’s a checkbox to tick; which is having a skill. Yes, regardless of what skill it is, you must really be able to do something others will be willing to pay for. 

Now the thing is, even if you want to venture into product-based businesses, you must still be able to learn how to sell. You can always refer to this article on the 4 skills you should learn before you leave school for more exposition. 

Learning a skill isn’t difficult. What is required of you is almost everything you have already, coupled with a list of over 1,000 free learning resources we have for you on Future Syllabus.

Now that you have learned a skill, let’s talk about the 5 ways to make money online as a Nigerian Student. However, do not forget to check out our article on the list of vocational skills in Nigeria you can learn.

5 ways to make money online as a Nigerian student

Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for how to make money online as a Nigerian student, this skill pays well when you dedicate your time and effort to it.

In Affiliate Marketing, you are required to generate leads and traffic for products or services of your chosen brand. In this process, you earn by receiving a specific commission for every item sold.

This is a productive means of making money in the sense that there is enough revenue when it comes to generating sales. You are also allowed to work as you please which makes it possible to make time for both school and work.

You are sure to make, starting from about $100 monthly, depending on how consistent you are. Please learn more about Affiliate Marketing here.

Filling Online surveys

Filling up paid surveys online is a good way to make money online as a Nigerian student. There is no get-rich-quick guarantee in this process, but it is certain that you will earn enough to sustain yourself. Find below a list of legit survey sites you can use:

Website testing

This is another means to make money online as a Nigerian student. Here, your job is to test and evaluate the performance of websites on the internet.

You will use the said website like an internet guest or user, in order to evaluate the usability of the site, study the design, and also provide feed-backs on the overall performance of the site.

Below are sites that will pay you for website testing:

Facebook Marketing

Quite a number of companies and organizations make use of Facebook to advertise their products and services, and to do this successfully they need online marketers.

This gives you leverage because as a student you would have been exposed to the use of Facebook, but this is an opportunity that will help make better use of your Facebook page. Here you make use of videos, images e.t.c to create advertisements for the promotion of goods and services of different organizations.

You can take a comprehensive course with certificates on Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram marketing here. You can also follow this link to learn social media marketing

Making Voice-over

This is another good means of making money as a student, if you have a good voice you can earn enough as a voice-over actor/actress.  

The most important factor here is how well you can use your voice.  It is important that you are able to speak at a balanced pace, audible, and easy to understand. You should also be able to convey your feelings or emotion using your voice conveniently and comfortably.

Below are voice generator software you can use:


This article contains about 5 lucrative means of making money online as a Nigerian student. With extra effort and consistency, you are sure to earn more than enough by choosing any one of the services above.

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