4 Skills you Should Have Before you Leave School

4 Skills you Should Have Before you Leave School

The article contains 4 skills you need before you graduate and why you should learn them, with available free courses to master them.

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1. Graphic Design

Design is now the face of every brand and company. Design is also a big representative of any brand, organisation, business or company. Once you see the MTN logo you don’t need any more proof to know this is MTN.

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Wherever you may walk tomorrow or whatever you might do tomorrow, you will need to brand it and if you’re going to stand out in qualifications to any Job then having this skill is inevitable.

2. Copywriting

The reason why you see trainers talk about copywriting always is because of its significant importance in today’s society.

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You can not work two poles without seeing a product of copywriting. Newspapers, Billboards, Blogs, News Feeds, TV ads, Social Media ads, etc.

Having this skill is a + to your professional development because no matter your field, you will need to convince somebody to take action in favour of what you’re doing.

3. Content Writing

This is different from copywriting, Content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing web(digital) content, typically for digital marketing purposes.

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It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms, such as product descriptions, tweetstorms on Twitter, text posts on Reddit, etc.

4. Public Speaking

Imagine having a brilliant idea to communicate to the whole staff but your presentation ended with a mischievous laugh from the people.

Public Speaking is what most of us didn’t have growing up and as a result, we became timid in the name of staying on our own.

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Lack of self-confidence is the genesis of this issue and the moment one develop self-confidence public speaking will come easier.
Speaking to the mirror can help you develop self-confidence followed by making efforts to deliver a great presentation out there.

Consider learning more about these skills and mastering them.
Gone are the days when the job is waiting for you, now you need to develop your personality.

Written by Obichukwu Abraham
Personal Development Coach.

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4 Skills you Should Have Before you Leave School
4 Skills you Should Have Before you Leave School
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