List of Vocational skills in Nigeria- 7 Major Skills you can learn 

Are you thinking of learning a vocational skill, but you don’t know how to go about it? This article is mainly for you, we will guide you through the list of vocational skills in Nigeria. We will also explain what every skill is about.

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The first highlight here is that vocational skills are skills you can learn to mastery and expertise. They are also a great step in the entrepreneurship process. Learning one or two vocational skills has made a huge impact on people’s lives all around the world.

Presently, the number of jobless youths in the whole of Africa is about 73 million, also given the fact that the job opportunities available are way lesser than unemployed individuals. This gives the impression that the percentage at which youths get jobs after the completion of their tertiary education is as low as 20%.

This is where learning vocational skills come in, as an individual you are able to build a solid financial hold for yourself by learning one or two skills and also put them to good use. This article as said earlier will help decide which skill seems best for you.

List of Vocational Skills In Nigeria

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a lucrative skill, it involves the use of application designs to pass messages to others. Graphic designers are responsible for creating billboards, fliers, posters, stickers, and other advertising tools. They also create videos and pictures for you to advertise your products online. Learn Graphic Design here.

Hair styling

This is also part of the list of vocational skills in Nigeria, hair stylists are important in the lives of both men and women. This skill is sure to bring income for you at the point you are ready to start.

Know that before you can earn as planned you need to be a professional, this is achievable if you learn it appropriately.  You can learn this skill in vocational school as you start your business.

It is important to also know that learning never ends in the aspect of hairdressing.

Event planning

Events happen on weekdays and weekends and these days, people do not want to go through planning their events on their own because it can be extremely stressful. Here is where you come in being a professional event planner, you are able to help them understand the important parts and use the right hands to carry them out.

This type of skill deals with more of managing and supervising both people and things. A professional planner is required to have knowledge of everything, right from catering to managing resources to logistics e.t.c.

Being a successful event planner is dependent on how much satisfaction you give your customers. This is because at the point when you are able to satisfy your customers you will be open to more offers, this happens when a customer refers you to a friend and the friend does the same.

In order to achieve this aside from being a good planner, you would still need to have a great network of different event professionals like caterers, photographers, decorators e.t.c.

Makeup and Makeover

This is another skill on the list of vocational skills in Nigeria. The terms above could be termed one and the same. Makeup artists earn a lot these days due to the fact almost every woman subscribes to enhanced beauty.

As a professional makeup artist, you are able to let people see their hidden beauty, and you are also sure to get referred in as much as your work is excellent.

Fashion designing

This is an impressive skill in the list of vocational skills in Nigeria.  This skill will be able to guide you through creating fascinating styles from plain fabrics.

There are quite a number of training centers for this skill. Every individual needs a fashion designer, also to be successful in fashion designing you have to be creative, this will help build trust in your likely customers.


This skill is one of the most popular on the list.  Photography skills can be acquired with the use of likely applications or class training, or both.

Photographers are often needed in events, and shoots, even though most focus on creating documentaries and managing their studios.  

Interior design

An interior designer is responsible for taking perfect care of the interior parts of buildings: furniture, paintings, artworks and paintings, e.t.c. this is mainly to the satisfaction of the owner or occupant of the building.

Interior designers are expected to perform up to the task by researching, designing, and implementing the right design for the right space. At the moment not every individual sees the service of interior designers as important, however, the few people that hire interior designers pay well.


Explained above are the major skills in the list of vocational skills in Nigeria. There are also skills that have not been mentioned, which are:

You can choose any of the skills that seem interesting to you, all are productive, depending on how dedicated and passionate you are. But remember, one at a time!

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