Is Communication a Skill worth learning? See how much Communication Experts Earn

Is Communication a Skill worth learning? One of the most effective and useful skills in present times is Communication. The ability to communicate effortlessly is key in dealing with life.

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Communication in a language is the process of transferring information and messages. It could be via:

  • Books
  • Body languages
  • Websites
  • Magazines
  • Charts
  • Gestures
  • Tone
  • Moods
  • Maps e.t.c.

Learning how to communicate effectively will help you with your work or your personal life.  Excellent communication skills will help you harness better opportunities. Here is an article on the importance of communication skills in both your work-life and daily life.

This article will explain further how you can earn with your communications skill and how much an average individual with the knowledge of good communication skills earns.

Jobs you can do as a Communication expert

Now, the first question that comes to mind could be “is communication a skill ?” and the answer to that is yes, communication skills are needed for every worker to succeed. Below are jobs you can do as a communication expert.

Social and Digital Media Manager

The primary requirement for this job is the ability to communicate effectively. It is a job that requires majorly the use of written and oral communication.

Being able to write sentences and paragraphs correctly is the main deal in being a social media manager.  Working in this line could directly amount to using social networks, online news platforms, and other digital means to send messages and information.

Being a social media manager means you would run your company’s or organization’s social media account, you could also be left with the responsibility of developing quality content for the social growth of your organization. The average earning for this job is around $50,344 annually.


This is another job that could answer your question “is communication a skill?”. You can, with your communication skills, start blogging.

You can earn by advertising other organizations or companies’ products on your blog. This will open you to more profit as you want. An average blogger earns about $500- $2000 per month.

Writing  and Publishing

This is one of the major jobs you can do as a communication expert, it involves the use of written type of communication skills. Your communication skill will help expose you to new opportunities in niches like:

  • Technical writing
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Proofreading
  • Book authoring
  • Content creation e.t.c.

Responsibilities in this line would be communicating ideas and thoughts through writing, you will also be expected to create well-structured and simple content to deliver needed messages effectively, and lastly, you should also be able to provide publishable articles or write-ups. For this job, you would earn about $59,425 per year.


With your communication skills, you will be able to work as a transcriber. At the moment, transcribing can be regarded as one of the fastest-growing jobs in the US.

As long as you have worked successfully on acquiring the needed communication skill which is verbal, non-verbal, and written communication, you will be up to the task. The average per hour pay for this job is about $15.91 and at this rate, you would be able to earn about $1500 every month with time.

Product Review

Product review is the process of giving feed-backs on the product. A two sentences write-up may not be able to prove how effective or important a product is to potential buyers. This is where you come in

For example, you could work for a fashion company that produces all kinds of clothes with different materials.

You could post articles, telling your audience the things you love about the clothes in question, telling them the durability, and showing them how they could style clothes by taking pictures and uploading them in your articles. A product reviewer is said to earn about $52,693 per year.


Is communication a skill worth learning? By now, you should be able to answer that given the 5 different jobs we highlighted that you can do as a communication expert.

You as an individual should put in your mind that having good communication skills will help you see various possible means to convey messages from one individual to another. 

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