5 Reasons why Communication is Important as a Skill

Reasons Why Communication is Important as a Skill- Communication is just as important as living itself, it is one of the essential interpersonal skills we need in our day-to-day life in order to get information across.

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Communication: The Definition 

Communication is the process of transmitting messages from the sender to the receiver, messages which include emotions, cultural events, work information, social activities e.t.c. Communication can be either professional or personal, it can be described as the act of transferring information from one’s mind or location to another.

For communication to take place there are three crucial factors, which are

  • Sender: the person sending what message
  • Receiver: the person receiving what message
  • Medium: how the message is sent

Types of Communication

There are three different types of communication, which are:

  • Verbal communication: this process involves passing information through verbal methods: speech
  • Non-verbal Communication: this type of communication consists of the use of body language, signs, eye contact, posture e.t.c.
  • Written communication: This is the use of pen, paper and other written electronic means to pass information

Be it in our normal daily life or work life, all three types of communication play significant roles. Being able to balance the type of communication is important if you want to improve as an individual.

5 Reasons Why communication is important

In this article, we will be looking at 4 reasons why communication is important in our daily and work lives.

Building Trust and Relationships

Communication is key in being able to interact and learn with others, which goes a long way in building trust and relationships. However, building effective relationships requires consistency

Improving personality

This is another solid reason why communication is important in our daily lives, communication in this light helps your understanding of life.

You are exposed to different people, cultures, individual life processes, views, and thoughts, which helps you to be able to think better and engage with others better. All these are made happen with the help of communication.

Communication is an integral part of our thinking process, in order to improve the way you think, you have to be communicative as well as observant: being open to listening, learning and interactions.

Enhancing Employee Productivity

This is one of the reasons why communication is important in our work life. Good communication help in the process of motivation, work pace effectiveness, and improved result.

Promoting Team Growth

In workplaces, teamwork is important, it is a huge step to being productive. The ability to communicate with your colleagues and achieve a standard result will adequately increase your proficiency as an employee.

It is only with honesty, effectiveness, and communication that individuals are able to trust and depend on one another, therefore making team building possible.

Boosting Crisis Management

Crises are unavoidable. Understanding that communication is vital in the process of managing crises is key, being able to have a basic understanding of possible mistakes and how to get them fixed is important.

Be it teammates, clients, or other individuals, it is crucial that you are able to settle crises with effective communication.

How to learn communication skills

The button below takes you to the list of all available free learning materials to learn communication skills. You can click on any to start learning.


In this article, we will understand that no one can live without communication. We will see the types of communication skills. We will also learn reasons why communication is important in our daily lives as well as why communication is important in our lives as workers.

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