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Starting your Fashion Journey: Free Education for Fashion Design

Starting your fashion journey could never be accomplished without first understanding what fashion designing entails. Fashion designing is the art of using design, clothing constructions, aesthetics, and accessories to bring out the best version of clothing material, specifically for the interest of others.

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In the process of your fashion journey, you will delve into different areas before you begin to design clothing materials and their accessories like a professional.

As a fashion designer, you should be able to work with diverse aesthetics, even with knowledge covering a wide spectrum of beauty ideas which will help you style people with other aesthetic preferences.

Becoming a fashion designer is a step-by-step process. To start your fashion journey, there are training to undergo, courses to take, and certificates to acquire. These will help you succeed in this path you are about to take.

Regardless, you do not need a university education or degree to pull this through, you can study other things and in the long decide to go into Fashion Designing.

Education for fashion design, whichever form it takes, will definitely expose you to the important bits of fashion designing and will help you understand every detail in styling clothing and footwear irrespective of gender.

Starting Your Fashion Journey

Understand that in the fashion world, the model of schooling is of less importance, however, your competence, creativity, passion, and reliability are the most important attributes.

To get to this level, you need to consistently take courses that will help, you have to always practice and be open to learning new things. When it comes to fashion, you need to understand that learning never stops, as it is a continuous process.

Below are 5 important and helpful steps to start your fashion design journey and ascertain success on your path in acquiring education for fashion design.

Learn about the fashion industry

The first step in starting your fashion journey is learning. How do you achieve this? You can take courses on fashion, taking courses that you can learn within a planned space of time; it could be a short period of time or a long period.

There are courses you can take even in the process of being a professional, as said earlier, learning in fashion is a continuous process. Making research would also help, you will become familiar with trends and challenges you need to go out of your boundaries in order to make better things happen.

It is important to know that self-inspired works help point directly to your mistakes and success. In the process of taking courses, you will learn the basics be it: sewing, drawing, or pattern making.

Create your Designs

This is the best way to practice, you could tag it as self-testing. In this process of your fashion journey, you are able:

  • to sketch or draw out ideas
  • identify your favorite ideas and designs
  • work on color combinations,
  • select the best fabric best suited for your design, you will also have to determine the use and amount of accessories.

As a fashion designer, you should be able to know if a clothing style needs accessories or not, you need to know what accessories to use or not use. This all depends on your style and your level of practice.

Understanding the fashion industry

From experts all around the world, fashion designing could be said to be draining. However, saying this doesn’t mean it is suffering from economic instability.

It means to be a well-known fashion designer you need to work hard, in the light of creating ideas regularly, taking courses, and attending fashion shows to get more ideas that will eventually go a long way.

It would help if you also worked on getting a brand name and creating your own unique logo which will set you apart in your industry.

Start your business

Many successful fashion designers started with their own business, not actually working for someone else. With advancement in technology these days, you can do that with the help of websites like eBay, Etsy, and others.

You could also open your online blog and store. All this can happen with little time and energy, you will only need to take pictures and videos of your work and start.

Use the button below to learn more with free courses, practice tests and webinars which will help you start your fashion journey on a very good ground.

Start Learning


Education for fashion design: you can – with the help of taking online courses – start your fashion journey. In the process, you can land your self internship jobs or outrightly start your own business. You can do this by even proceeding to take more courses to help you maintain your business and keep it running.

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