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Creating Contents That Sell: How Content Creators Can Create Contents That Convert To Money

Content creation is increasingly becoming an attractive pastime for a lot of teenagers and even so many youths have taken to it, since covid-19 showed us just how much we can rely on the internet for companionship and earning a living.

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I’ve often been asked by people, ‘how do I grow my audience and engagements? I make posts and people do not engage or read’. Let me tell you this today, if you keep waiting for your audience before you dish out those contents, your audience would not grow. You’d continue waiting in vain. Most likely, you’d go on an adding spree, and end up attracting the wrong kind of audience for your content.

The reason most of us post content on our walls daily is not that we cannot keep information hidden, but because the content is a key ingredient in inbound marketing. To attract leads, you have to serve content. Simple as that.

As a content creator, your content should help you attract an audience, build engagement and grow influence. Ultimately, your content should be able to convert leads to sales. If your content is not yielding you money, you’re doing something wrong.

I have outlined a few things you can do to ensure your content is sellable and bankable.

Be of service to your audience

For your contents to convert to sales, it should not only provide entertainment, it should be of service to them. You create memes, write humor stories but have you found a way to create memes and humor for marketing? If it is just for entertainment, it would remain that way. If you must create content, make sure it is something that can be marketable. You’re a storyteller, you should develop your skills to better tell brand stories. That way you’re not just serving entertainment, you’re pitching yourself to brands.

Create valuable content

Your content should not just be of service to your audience or serve as entertainment. Regularly, dish out value. The way this works is that – when you share valuable content, by virtue of its quality, your name gathers repute amongst your audience. This is key because for you to tell your skill, the audience must attach value to your name. Do they see you as a cruise fellow or a bankable creator?

There’s a beautiful circle that not so many are aware of. When you create content that is valuable and it attracts shares, you tend to rank higher in google search and in return attract an even higher number of people to your profile. Impressive right?

Research is important

Understanding trends and patterns is key to your selling. See the recent ‘na wetin i wan dey do now’ trend. To you it was meme, humor and cruise. But have you taken note of how big brands created marketing content from it? From banks to network providers to others in the corporate world. They all keyed into the trend to sell. While you’re using your content for cruise, others are researching how to build marketable content around that trending gist. While davido was busy collecting alerts upon alerts, while you were on your timeline catching cruise and making jokes, wema bank were busy using it all to market themselves. Research! If the content you’re writing and intending to post is counterproductive to brands, scrap it. Your major goal is to sell. Keep that in mind.

Share Your Stories

One reason influencers and mega content creators share their successes and wins online is not just because they want to motivate you. It is because they want to remind their audience that they are bankable and sellable. I was discussing with a content creator and he told me he sometimes does freelance writing. I was surprised because up till that point I never even knew he offered those services. So while you’re working on creating content, getting gigs and being productive, learn to tell your stories. The aim is not to be braggadocios or to feel pompous, but to remind your leads and prospects that others are indeed paying for your services and you’re open to offers.

Don’t wait for the right time

Recently, one of my friends here approached me on how to grow her wall and start earning from her skill. I asked her why her wall was sparse and I could barely find any content. She told me she used to write but she felt she was not good enough compared to other writers. Big mistake! There is never a perfect content nor is there a right time to showcase them. As long as there’s an audience for what you write, keep at it. Your sole aim should be to always make sure your content fulfils a need. If I repost some of the articles I wrote around 2012 when I began writing for blogs, I’m sure many of you would laugh at me.  Over the years I have grown and further developed my craft but one thing I’m sure of is that, as at the time I wrote those articles over 8 years ago, they were solid and I had an audience. 

Learn to switch up

Key to keeping your audience glued is to serve up a variety of contents. You cannot post memes all the time and expect your audience not to get bored. By giving people a variety to choose from, you keep them glued to your page. If you’re always serious with your posts, sometimes serve humor. If you’re heavy on the memes, sometimes write more intellectual things. It’s best to always offer something different once in a while. 

Having said all that, if your content gives value and is useful to both brands and individuals, you’d not only make yourself market worthy, you’d ensure that you’re bankable.

Cheers to your success.

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