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Creating Customer Personas for Effective Marketing Campaigns – Webinar by Simplilearn

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Digital marketing campaigns depend on understanding your customers and their behavior. Customer personas are key to campaign success.

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Join Simplilearn for a career masterclass with Bernadette Chambers, Founder, The Socialite Hive.

What you will learn

Bernadette will share her insights into:

  • How to use customer personas for digital marketing campaigns
  • Defining the different personas in your customer community
  • How to tie each customer persona to a customer journey.

Key Dates

  • Speaker: Bernadette Chambers, Founder, The Socialite Hive
  • Date & Time: Thursday, August 4, 9 PM IST (8:30 AM PDT / 11:30 AM EDT)

The live webinar will include a Q&A with Bernadette. Attendees of the live event will receive a Proof of Attendance certificate.

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