Top 5 FinTech Platforms You Can Set Your Financial Goals in 2022

The year 2022 is still young, at its prime, and up to a great start. It is a common saying that ‘little drops of water make a tiny ocean,’ and this saying comes in handy in various areas of our lives we seek improvement and growth. With the aid of technology, personal finance matters have been made easier, flexible, and achievable. This is because several apps or platforms have been invented or curated strictly to aid in achieving of financial goals of persons from all walks of life.

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Having stated the existence of numerous apps that aid in attaining one’s financial goals, fasten your seat belts as we walk through the top 5 fintech platforms (in no particular order) that would help achieve financial goals in 2022.

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This platform, formerly known as PiggyBank, is a digital savings platform that encourages saving culture and investment. This platform is known widely for its well-structured features such as Piggybank, Safe lock, Flex Dollar, Target Saving Plan, that aids saving and investment. The PiggyBank feature enables its users to keep as low as ₦1,000 within a specific period, which could be done manually or automatically after linking this platform to its source of income. To inculcate discipline, a withdrawal day is chosen by users, and carrying out withdrawal on the day not stipulated for withdrawal would attract a penalty fee from the amount withdrawn or the amount remaining in the Piggybank.

Also, the Flex Dollar feature allows users to buy a foreign currency with their naira using an exchange rate. This is simply because savings should ordinarily increase your returns or at the least retain their value in years to come. Thus, this platform’s recognition of the likelihood of the constant depreciation and devaluing of naira provided this feature to suit users’ savings needs and prevent it from being obstructed.

In addition, it is known that one of the easiest ways to build wealth is by investing in yielding more returns. Interestingly, this platform provides this feature which allows its users to invest in several projects such as rice farming, cocoa plantations, and other realistic and promising projects, in order to yield interest for the duration of time their money is invested.

A unique service which is offers is the Target plan saving which allows persons to come together and set for themselves a target saving goal to achieve. These and many other features of this platform has made it reliable and renowned for aiding customer’s savings target and satisfaction.


Trove is a FinTech platform which allows users to invest in local and international financial markets. It also allows users to purchase sell stocks in Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Alphabet, Tesla, and stocks in the Nigeria Stock Exchange. This platform offers its services to Nigerian citizens with bank verification number and it has been existence since 2018. It is guaranteed by Ventures Platform and Asset and Resource Management company.

Users who are interested in beginning investment journey with them can deposit as low as $10 or ₦1000 of buying and selling of local stocks and bonds.


Cryptocurrency seems to be the new trend, following the adoption of Bitcoin and its variants as digital currencies bought and sold by persons to invest and increase wealth. Quidax is a platform that allows users to carry out their cryptocurrency activities using its mobile app adequately. With its buy and sell feature, this platform will enable users to buy, sell, and even store BTC, XRP, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), and others.


This fintech platform allows entrepreneurs, investors, and venture capitalists to access equities usually listed on the Nigerian and United States Stock markets. Using this app, investors can buy and sell equities on the New York Stock Exchange with a charge of 1.5% commission. This and other features contribute significantly to the financial returns and profits of investors. Interestingly, this platform also allows its users to invest in firms with a capital of $1 billion or more.


A digital financial platform curated by Eleanya Eke and Bosun Olarenwaju that provides users with automatic dollar investments in the United States’ real estate, stocks, and Eurobond. This platform considers both high- and low-income earners to enable them to invest from as low as $10 in securities and assets in the US. Also, it provides users with financial guidance and long-term investment tips to aid their economic growth, stability, and future.

Having carried out a rundown of these efficient fintech platforms, people looking for a great financial year should check out these platforms and the numerous benefits they offer.

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