Top Skill Acquisition Programmes for Students with Special Needs

In this article, we will be listing various skill acquisition programmes for students with special needs and also centres in charge of such training.

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Individuals with special needs are obliged to take part in different activities, but there could be quite a number of downsides to it. Their guardian or parents could conclude that they are unable to take any interest in those activities.

An added factor is their lack of basic education, making it difficult for them to acquire various skills. There are several learnable skills for individuals with special needs, be it foundational skills, professional skills, business skills, core-like skills, and many others.

With persistence and training, individuals with special needs have the ability to learn and become better as they are. There are different Skill Acquisition Programmes for Students with Special Needs.

Top Skill Acquisition Programmes for Students with Special Needs

The UPMC Vocational Training Center

The first on the list of skill acquisition programmes for students with special needs. The UPMC is a vocational school that offers vocational programs for adults and individuals with intellectual disabilities. The school operates from Pittsburgh in the US State of Pennsylvania.

The training centre is well organized and conclusive for learning, this organization also focuses on the provision of quality training and meaningful work to concerned individuals.

They provide suitable jobs for their students and also pay them for the jobs assigned to them. Their training programs include the support employment program and Mailing service. You can click on this link to know more about this.

Nassau Boces Adult Education

One of the skill acquisition programmes for students with special needs is the Nassau Boces Adult Education. They offer an intensive support program for individuals with special needs. The aim of this program is to provide aid for disabled individuals to learn specific skills that will enable them to be fit for the workplace.

The programs offered include office skills, Pet Care and Grooming, Stock inventory, Culinary arts, Building Maintenance Direct care, and Auto Lube Specialist. Click this link Nassau Boces for more info.

The Summit Center

This vocational & employment service is a program of the summit center. This center provides skill acquisition programs for students with special needs, they provide individuals with the skills required for accessing and maintaining gainful employment through a training process.

They also enable them to acquire the strength to navigate the labor market in their search for employment. The Summit Center founded this program with the aim of assisting individuals who have developmental disabilities to become effective and respected members of their community.

Their admission criteria include:

  • Willingness to move to gainful employment
  • Have basic communication ability
  • Be eligible for OPWDD Community Pre-Vocational services
  • Be able to eat and use the toilet independently.

Click this LINK for more info about this program.

Culinary skills Training Program

Culinary skills training program is another program for students with special needs. This training introduces youths and adults with disabilities to opportunities in hospitality careers.

Ranging from commercial to non-commercial food service jobs. Individuals who complete the program receive a Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) Certificate of Completion, and they also have an overall understanding of the food service industry.

The program includes:

  • Nutrition and a Healthy Diet
  • Guest Serving Skills
  • Hands-on Work Experience in the Viscardi Cafe
  • A Range of Cooking Methods
  • Menu Planning and Expenditures
  • Measurement Conversations and Utensils
  • Customer Service and Money Handling

Able-Disable Advocacy, Inc

They provide vocational skills training and educational advancement for youth, military veterans, and adults with disabilities and assist them in finding employment.

Goggle Career Certificate Scholarship Programme

This program focuses on the promotion of digital skills. It provides self-paced courses which are developed by google, each course can be completed within 3 to 6 months, and at the end, students would be awarded a Goggle Career Certificate. individuals with special needs can apply for the scholarship through SG Enable. For more info click this link GCCSP.

Exceptional Minds Studio

They are a non-profit vocational school that prepares young adults with autism spectrum for work life. They help introduce them into the world of digital works like animation production and visual effects.


We have listed in this article skill acquisition Programmes for Students with Special Needs and also centers they can learn from. The general aim is to provide opportunities for special needs individuals in our society and to also enable them to live life comfortably.

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