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4 Strategies to help you sell on social media

We all want to sell on social media. Not just sell but sell effectively.

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Even I myself, always look out for betters to enhance my service sales online. Especially on social media platforms.

These are 4 ways that I’d recommend business owners try to help boost sales online.

Be curious and ask Questions

Instead of promoting yourself as the right choice to your prospect, without first understanding them and what they want, ask questions. Ask questions that would help you know a lot more about your ideal customer and their interaction with your product or market niche. 

Personal Relationships & Bonds 

Your name is one of the most personal things about you. Using someone’s name, nickname etc. Shows you pay attention to detail. When you address people personally in your communication instead of in a generic manner, you show your prospect/customer that you do notice them. It gives them an air of elevated importance.¬†

Less sales pitch 

You will get ignored most of the time by my prospects or appear desperate if you lead with your sales pitch and make all convo about your business. Aim to find common interests. It would humanize you and make you more relatable. 

Take initiative 

If you wait for potential customers and leads to close sales themselves, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Send follow-up messages and get in touch. Keep a close eye on your prospects if you see that they have shown serious interest.¬†

With these strategies, you can turn your leads, prospects into buying customers and paying clients. 

Which of these strategies will you try? Do you have one that works for you? Share with me.


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