Content Marketing: Why you should invest in it

Why should I invest in content marketing?

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This is a question I suspect that every vendor asks in their mind each time the talk of content marketing pops up.

Content marketing is very essential to today’s business models but not very many business owners think it is such an important facet of the sales game.

I’d tell you why you should definitely invest in it, heading into 2022.

Content marketing has gone beyond just putting out sales posts and hoping users buy. It is the bridge between what the customers/buyers want, and what the sellers have on offer. It is the hottest trend in today’s marketing and if i were you, i wouldn’t miss out.

“Ndi Oma, good morning o. I don dey sell market. Come and buy bags and slay for christmas” – Typical sales post.

“You’re about to wear a blue jean and chiffon top with a simple flat shoe and you’re confused on which bag to carry. We understand that black bags go with anything but….you can never go wrong with this choice. This bag is perfect for your simple and regular outfit” – Content marketing post.

Same content, different styles. 

Content marketing does not directly market products. It builds public interest in what you’re selling. Instead of expending energy in trying to convince a prospect as to why they should buy from you, content marketing through the creative sharing of posts, pictures and video contents, stimulates customer interest in your business/sales.

Iphones would not tell you to buy the iphone 13. But by creatively showing you it’s great features – better camera, new body design, bigger battery, faster processor, you already have an interest in the product, and if the funds were readily available, you’d see reasons to buy it. That is content marketing.

Heading into 2022, while pushing to grow your business, invest in the art of creative writing. Learn content marketing. Even if you cannot master it, get courses that would teach you the basics and help you stand out from the average internet vendor.

Marketing has switched up, and if you’re not evolving and using the latest and hottest trends of marketing, you might just be stuck in a rut.

Get knowledge; stay productive.


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