Data Science Masterclass: Regression Analysis and Its Applications

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A key goal of data science is to extract useful information from raw data sets so that you can describe, predict, and control one or more variables of interest. One of the foundational techniques for finding a pattern of information in a data set is regression analysis. It lets you use the data about a dependent variable to create a model of the relationship between that variable and the factors that affect it.

Join Simplilearn on Thursday, June 02, 2022, for a “Learn It Live” class with Shubham Pandey. He’ll present an example of:

  • How regression applies to a real-world business problem
  • The basic types of regression analysis
  • How to evaluate and select among different regression methods

Shubham has eleven years of experience in data science. He is a strategy consultant who uses statistical modelling, machine learning, and data analysis. He has facilitated workshops on tools and techniques for F500 corporates, universities and training institutes.

The live session will include a Q&A with Shubham. Attendees of the live event will receive a proof of attendance certificate via email.

Data Science Masterclass with Simplilearn
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