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How to advertise and sell that expensive or high worth products

They tell you that being a marketer involves being a risk-taker. Perhaps what they didn’t tell you is how to be a smart risk-taker.

So you have a single product worth #25,000, and you’re looking to advertise it. If the first thing that comes to your head is running a sales ad on Facebook, WhatsApp TVs, Twitter, Google etc…

Then you’ll mostly fail at selling that product!

Why do I say so?

The reason for the failure is not because you don’t have a good copy, or the product isn’t of good quality. The reason is that you’ll be advertising to a cold audience instead of a warm audience.

  1. COLD AUDIENCE: These target audiences may not have heard about your brand before. To them, you’re just a random person trying to sell. Additionally, they don’t know whether to trust you or not.
  2. WARM AUDIENCE: These are people you have provided quality content to, or engaged with in the past, over time. They know you, and trust your offers and products.

So advertising a product worth #25,000 to someone who didn’t even know you existed may mostly end in a waste of budget. Few will ask questions, but most will ignore. The best bet is to advertise these products to people you have built a connection with and shown your capacity.

How do you build a warm audience?

It’s simple but takes time and effort. The first step is to generate leads by, for instance, advertising a free webinar that teaches something closely related to the product, get the interested people in a nurture room be it a WhatsApp group, WhatsApp broadcast lists, email lists, telegram group/channels etc, and then begin to send them quality content.

If you sell beauty products, advertise a free webinar on skin care tips, hair care dos & don’t, etc. Get them in a group or email list and begin to send them free content, and more. And then along the line, when you have shown them how much value you have in the particular niche, begin to pitch your products to them, begin to advertise your paid services etc.

The result is majorly 3 amongst others…

  1. More sales: you’ll record more sales because, to them, the adverts are coming from a person with known authority in that field.
  2. Customer retention: you’ll be able to keep your prospects and customers and continue to sell to them even in the future. When new products come, pitch to them and watch them engage you.
  3. Authority Building: you become a force to reckon with in that particular niche because those who have received your contents and bought your products will continue to refer you.

Selling isn’t tricky. But there are no shortcuts. And mind you, no one will do the job for you, especially if you are just starting out.

So the next time you’re setting aside a budget for Facebook ads, WhatsApp ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, TikTok ads, etc to sell a high-worth product, remember the most recommended primary objective is to generate leads and not sell outrightly.

Good day and happy selling today

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