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Content Marketing for Beginners – Free Webinar by Treford

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You must have heard the phrase “Content is king“ which was made popular by Bill Gates in his essay “Content is the King,”  Bill Gates predicted that the internet would change the way people get information and communicate with each other which is already happening, and it’s also changing the way we do business and marketing.

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Content marketing is now the core of every social media platform and businesses are riding with the waves to do marketing

​Content marketing is the top hiring priority for marketing departments, and research shows that 78% of surveyed companies are looking to hire 1-3 content team members in the next 1 year.

So, If you’re looking to transition into content marketing, the time is now, and you can start with this Free Foundational course.

What you will learn

  • ​Introduction to Content Marketing
  • ​What Content Marketing is and is not?
  • ​How Important Content Marketing is to the growth of a company?
  • ​Key tools & metrics for Content Marketers
  • ​How to Know if Content Marketing is for You
  • ​Why you should take on Content Marketing as your Career Path
  • ​Best Place to Learn Content Marketing
  • ​What Content marketing looks like in an early-stage startup
  • ​A day in the life of a Content Marketing Professional

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  • ​A computer or mobile device with a good internet connection
  • ​A notepad for taking notes
  • ​Some Guts to sign up for treford’s 6 weeks Content Marketing Bootcamp where you will get complete experience in content marketing.

Key Details

  • Facilitator: ​Ore Badmus
  • Date & Time: Sun, Sep 11, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM GMT+1
  • Platform: Zoom

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Content Marketing for Beginners (Webinar)
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