WhatsApp Business: The New Oil Block for Online Vendors

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Recently I wrote about vendors better utilizing WhatsApp for their business and how many people do not even know how to make use of the catalogue feature. A couple of people asked me privately how to go about and how best to set up their own business WhatsApp to look professional.

To be candid, lots of us use WhatsApp Business not because we want to use its features, but because we just need another WhatsApp for our alternate line.

Some time ago, a friend of mine pitched me to someone and the person requested my business line. What I didn’t know was that he wanted to see how I was best fit for the role and one place he looked at was how I set up my business plan profile beginning from my WhatsApp. Wahala!

So for vendors and business owners, I’d briefly touch on a few key places that should stand you out.

And mind you, you’re not just using WhatsApp Business because you want to chat with your customers or gain status viewers. It should be your complete digital store. And when you market on Facebook, your goal should be to drive people to your store, right?

Download your Whatsapp Business if you do not have one already and take these steps.

WhatsApp Business: The New Oil Block for Online Vendors

 Step 1

Go to your WhatsApp Business settings, click on your Business Profile. There, you should start by uploading a profile picture. This shouldn’t be your face. It should be your brand logo. If you don’t have one already, please do. Next is to add your business name. Then a catchy business description. If you go through my wall, I’ve given different tools that you can use to write effectively and create smart word choices. Use them.

Add your business work hours and your address. If you have an email, please insert it. For the website, it mustn’t be a website. You can put the URL link to your Facebook page or profile.

For those who do not know how to get it, go to your Facebook, go to your profile you’d find the sidebar. Those three dots beside your profile, click on it and you’d find your profile link. You should see a copy link option there. Copy that and put it on the website column. That way, whoever gets your contact from a different source other than Facebook can still find you there.

Step 2

If you have finished setting all of that, skip the catalogue. We’d visit it later. Go to your categories option and select under what business portfolio you operate. If it is clothing, select apparel & clothing. If you’re a food vendor, select restaurant.

Now that you’re done with all that, your digital business structure is almost set up. Go back to the main settings.

Step 3

Click on the catalogue. Here you should create a product list. All the products you have should feature here. To create, click on add a new item. Put the picture of the item, the name, price and product description. Do the same for all of your other products or the ones you have available to showcase. When you’re done, save and go back to your settings page.

Step 4

Greeting message. The downside to this is that if you’re using your personal number for WhatsApp business, it would irk your friends that just want to chat with you because anytime they send you a message, they’d get this official greeting. But it is good for first-time messages. You should decide if you want it.

WhatsApp Business: The New Oil Block for Online Vendors

Step 5

I don’t really mind the away message and quick replies features. They can be left out. What you should instead set up next are the Labels. This one is very important for you. Especially if you’re a highly organized person.

Click on the label and arrange your chat list as per the listed order. Under the label, you can arrange your chat list to show you new customers, new orders, pending payments, paid etc. All of this would better help you organize your sales experience.

6. Now that you’re done with all of that. You’re good to go. Under the settings page, you’d see a short link. Click on it and copy your WhatsApp business link.

Whenever you make posts here or anywhere else you can include the link. Instead of just typing your number, use the link instead. That way people can just click on it and it would redirect them to your Whatsapp without having to type out your number and save it. That could be stressful to some people.

Who needs a Whatsapp business?  If you’re a vendor and business person, or you offer services of any sort, then you definitely need it.

If you have any questions to ask, you can always ask in the comment section.

Please share this post with your friends and Timeline, so others can get the information too. You wouldn’t want to keep it to yourself. At least cut soap for your friends.


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