Three keys to creating content for social media businesses.

If you’re not selling on social media these days, you are being left behind. [Factos 👍 👀]

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Most of the traditional businesses we used to know and think cannot thrive on the internet are now being rebranded and sold all over social media, even on Facebook.

The other day, Akan Imoh sold bread and Akara. Yes you read right. Bread and Akara on Facebook!

But the key to selling is not just coming online to post ‘I have market o, come and buy’. Not at all.

I’ve always canvassed that people should read. Research. There’s no method that cannot be reapplied to your business on social media. The other day, I wrote about selling like an Aboki.

So how do you sell on the internet – Content!

As a small business owner, capitalize on Inbound Marketing to help attract and create relationships with customers and prospects by creating valuable content that appeals to them.

Something that speaks to their experience. This is helpful in generating just the right customer base for you. E.g It would be wrong to have an audience full of undergrads when what you’re selling is above their pay range.

The three cardinal ways to create content is what I label the A-E-D approach. 


To draw just the right people you need to patronize you and help you market your business, create content that establishes you as an authority in your line of enterprise. If you’re a phone or laptop seller, you can do that by educating people on the difference between brands, getting just the right fit for them, and identifying fake products from originals. 


Don’t be the Vendor that turns a blind eye to customer challenges. By building empathy, you show the customer that you understand and see things from their perspective. Relate with them on a one on one basis. One way you can do that is by commenting and proffering solutions by way of comments when you see a likely customer or prospect complain of a challenge. 


Don’t be lost out of trends and social media happenings. Create content around topics that would delight your audience. If it’s the customer service week, appreciate and thank them for patronage. If it’s a trending humour topic, create marketing memes out of it. We all saw her Wema bank capitalized on the Davido birthday donation to market their digital bank, Alat by Wema. 

By utilizing this three-pronged approach in creating content to market your business, you ensure you’re not just marketing, but putting your customer in focus. You’re giving them value, solving problems for them and keeping them happy. 

Create content the right way.

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