How to use Telegram on PC

Telegram at the moment is one of the top 5 most used social media platforms in the world. It is worth linking your mobile telegram account to your telegram on PC for business and ease of access. As telegram gains popularity with its unique features, it is also well known for its high security of every user’s personal information.

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Using a Telegram brings together people of different locations, races, and beliefs. Telegram has devoted its services to making sure it keeps its user’s information profiles as confidential as possible.

You can access Telegram on your mobile phone, but due to different reasons, you as an individual or business could decide to go through Telegram on your desktop/PC.

This article will be putting you through the process of registering an account on Telegram on PC. As an added guide, you would love to read the 6 Reasons You Should Abandon your WhatsApp Group for a Telegram Channel.

How to use Telegram on PC

There are about two ways to go about this, which are

1. Creating a log-in for telegram on PC with Web Link

Here will be taking you through how to create a telegram account on your PC with a web link

  • The first thing you do here is to click on this Telegram link.
  • After you will be directed to this page below, you can either open your existing account with the bar code or open it with your mobile number.
How to use Telegram on PC
  • To use a bar code for your existing account on your PC, open your telegram app on your phone, click on the three horizontal line icon at the top left corner of the screen, then click on Settings
    • Scroll down and find the “Devices” option.
    •  Click on “Link Desktop Device”.
    •  You can then follow the instructions after.
  • To access your account with your phone number.
    • Click the “Log in by phone number” below the page as shown below.
How to use Telegram on PC
    • Here you would insert your country and the phone number of your already existing account or the number you intend to use to create a telegram account.
How to use Telegram on PC
    • Here you insert the code sent to your number by Telegram. Simply open your Telegram app on your phone, check the code sent by ‘Telegram” and copy it.
How to use Telegram on PC
    • You will then be directed to your account.

With this, you have successfully created or opened your telegram on PC.

2. Creating a log-in for telegram on PC with APK

  • To do this, click this link.
  • Then, proceed to download the app.
  • Go through the instructions and follow the steps to link or create your account.

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