Social Media Tips For Small And Medium Businesses | 3 Practical Points

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Be clear about why you want to be on social media

As an internet vendor, you should be able to outline why exactly you’re on social media. This would help you define how you approach it’s usage. Below are three primary and key reasons you should take your business online.

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  1. Exposure: so people find you when looking you up on social media
  2. Engagement: to communicate with customers and build brand trust
  3. Sales: To make Sales and build financial capacity.

When you’ve outlined your ‘Why’, the path becomes clearer for you.

If you want engagement, be personal with your account

I’ve learnt this from personal experience and studying some successful vendors on Facebook. As a Vendor, people want to associate with your story, your brand.

You need to work out your approach on an even scale so you don’t alienate people. Take, for instance, people like Angela Nwosu, Ovaioza, Olumide GlowVille and Tanko Lami .

The reason they have a cult-like following here is that they are not aloof with their audience. Most people can relate to their story and see they are not just a brand but individuals, ordinary individuals just like themselves.

You do not see a Coca-Cola or Gucci and relate with the owners, because those are Mega brands. You are still small scale, build an interpersonal rapport with your audience. People like Ifeoma, Warri Rebel have found a way to sell their brand and products even while weaving it alongside their personal stories.

It is why you feel like you know them and are close to them even when in actual fact, you are not. It is how successful they have been in engaging and being personal with their audience.

Adopt a digital personality

Social media today is dominated by mostly Gen Z or, how do we put it, the Woke and Soro Soke Generation. How you appear to them is key to your being on social media. Even the so-called older ones have adopted the language and mannerisms of Gen Z.

So how do you want to appear?

From my studies of some of the best social media accounts, some of the most adopted personality or tone of voice (TOV) is usually playful/sassy (think Adaobi Amadi ) philosophical (Think of Chinmark) controversial (think Amanda Chisom).

That’s because most of the users who engage on social media are the younger generations. If millennials/Gen Z are not your target market, or you want to keep a formal TOV, then you don’t need to be on social media (seriously!). Your audience would be so limited. You have to be creative.

Don’t waste your time on Twitter and Instagram or Facebook if you are not ready to catch on with the new times – It won’t work. The reason you are not selling is that you have not learnt to operate the market according to its unwritten rules.

When you apply these rules to your social media approach, you would noticeably experience an upturn in not just sales but reach, visibility and audience engagement.


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