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Mastering the 80/20 Strategy for Building Customer Relationship

It’s the beginning of a new month and rightfully, you want to hit sales. What better way to start by learning and applying new principles.

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The reason you get low engagements on your wall is that 80-90% of the time you’re pushing direct advertisements to your audience.

What you see is, you’re promoting your business.

What they see is you only want their money.

Why should You follow the 80/20 rule?

People come on social media not to read product ads or buy items all the time. It is not a supermarket or a mall.

They want information, entertainment. They are bored and want to be excited. So how do you fill up your 80% to align with your business?

You should always post 80% of the time, content that educates, entertains or offers a solution to their problems. The remaining 20% can be used to sell your business.

Personal reference

My friend, Vivian sells Aveeva Pops and Aveeva chilled Hibiscus drinks. Using her as an example, she could come up with content that 80% of the time may look like she’s not directly promoting her business, but in hindsight, all of her posts would drive you to one thing – buy from her.

Some posts could be – ‘This or That’. This way, she gets to know her audience preference.

Some posts could be trivia questions, life hacks, how to’s. A post that reads, 5 perfect light meals to help your weekend chills. Or even, she could recommend interesting movies for the weekend. After all, who goes to watch movies without eating popcorn or getting a cold soft drink?

She could even post goofy, humorous motivational quotes. Posts such as “Why worry about your problems when you could buy a bottle of Azeezah hibiscus juice, drink, sleep and dream about solving them

Give suggestions. What’s an interesting wedding if you don’t serve us something new and exciting. She could give tips on different things to entertain wedding guests with. P.S Aveevah supplies Zobo drinks and popcorn for wedding receptions.


Social Media is the perfect place for your business to get creative. This way, you not only build relationships with your audience, but you also give them value.

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