Shadow Ban for Content Creators and Facebook Influencers: How to Resolve it

If you’re a content creator, influencer, vendor, then you should read this.

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This morning, while scrolling through Facebook, I realized something. I discovered most people claim to be experiencing shadowban. And even then, some do not even know what exactly it is or how they get shadowbanned.

I keep seeing shadowban, shadowban, shadowban.

What then is shadowban?

I think we should talk about it since no one is above learning, and it is something that affects us all.

Shadowbanning is when your posts or activities don’t show up on people’s newsfeed as often as they used to, and your post engagements drop drastically as well.

What are the things that can get you shadowbanned?

If you consistently make posts with false information

When you share broadcasts, long posts and others without verifying, you might unwittingly share posts that Facebook have flagged as false. That would earn you a shadowban,

If you post sexually suggestive contents

Sometimes, as content creators, the memes, humors and jokes we post are regarded as sexist and too lewd. Facebook might not ban you outright for the content, but they sure would reduce the reach of that post. That is to limit the number of people that get in contact with that information.

If you repeatedly post/share a content

Spamming is what Facebook calls it. When you post that your fine write-up on over 10 groups, pages and walls in the space of a couple of days, it is seen as spamming. With that, you can get shadowbanned as well. I understand you want more reach. The best bet is to try and post organic content instead in each of the groups you belong to. If people enjoy your posts on the group, they’d find their way to your wall. And if your wall is engaging enough, they would stay as either friends or followers.

Copying contents repeatedly

Sometimes, we see a meme and love it and want to recreate something with it. Not bad. The only problem is, if that picture is seen as trending by Facebook, the post with the highest reach would swallow that of your account with lesser reach. Also, if the picture is flagged by Facebook, your using it might get you shadowbanned or even outrightly banned. I once shared a meme photo and that earned me my first warning on Facebook as it was deemed as inciting violence.

Click baiting

If you make posts and include links that Facebook deems as click-baiting, they would reduce the visibility of that post or might even remove the post in its entirety. If you make certain posts that Facebook deem as click-bait also, even without links, they would reduce the visibility as well.

Engagement baiting

Most of us do this unconsciously to get engagements. You know those posts that up and coming content creators make just to get likes and engagements, Facebook recognizes them and flags them. If you consistently make such posts – congratulations, you’ve won yourself a shadowban.

Posts with such formats as “Tag content creators you know”, “Share with so-and-so…..”. Those posts demand tagging too many people. Facebook calls all of those baitings. See the definition as given by Facebook:

Engagement bait is a tactic to create Facebook posts that goad people into interacting, through likes, shares, comments, and other actions, in order to artificially boost engagement and get greater reach on News Feed.“


Some of us do not know there is a meme bank available for us. If you want memes that might resonate with the content you have, go to zikoko meme bank, search for a word, and you will get memes relating to that word. E.g. if you are looking for memes relating to money, type money in the search bar, and you will find several memes that might suit your desire.

I hope this makes sense. Do tell me what you think.

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